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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Cancer 2017

Hi everyone! Chodesh tov! A happy new month of Cancer to all!

Last Saturday we saw the birth of the New Moon of Cancer and brand new spiritual adventures, of course! Let’s start with a quick forecast for the month. Then we will put all Cancerians under a microscope, and set goals for the month.

First, a quick monthly forecast…

As you may have guessed, it’s time to take the tissues, umbrellas, and raincoats out of the closets. The cosmos is dripping with four Cancer planets—in Pisces. We will be missing Gemini! In short, we are feeling extra sensitive. Thank God, the amount of earth is balancing the water so we can manifest and ground our ideas this month.

Since the ascendant of the month‘s chart is Virgo, we should give every situation a good dose of realism and common sense, which is our best vaccination for this month! Additionally, Jupiter is positioned in the second house, and Venus is in Taurus, a great opening for money making and global growth. Regarding projects, in the first part of the month companies should think of taking steps toward renewing themselves.

A more complicated subject this month is… family. Saturn and the Black Moon are in the fourth house, the house of roots and the family we come from. Care should be taken to not enter any conflicts, and really slide through everything. Be consistent with a positive attitude, and whenever possible remove the spaces between family members. Voila!

So, let’s talk about our dear Cancerian friends.

Perhaps the most emotional people of the entire zodiac, they represent the water of all water signs! It’s no wonder tears come so easily and that they sometimes "bleed" emotion all over the place!

In fact, one of the challenges of the sign is to maintain proper boundaries. They become quickly entangled with the people they love, to the extent they often smother them. Cancer is the water of the oceans. Therefore, it's completely uncontainable, like a kind of tsunami!

Extremely intuitive, often psychic, or at least very attuned to the cosmos, Cancerians have a gift of sight that is often shadowed by their fears. And fears are definitely no stranger to this sign! This is due to the powerful influence of the moon. Kabbalistically, the moon represents the fragmented world, the bits and pieces of life we find difficult to connect. In astrology, it symbolizes all the hidden emotions, and the way we internally respond to life. Take a look at the moon: it never seems the same! Our Cancerian friends, indeed, experience a greater spectrum of emotion than the average person.

Since the moon does not have any light of its own (it reflects the sunlight), Cancerians often feel deprived, whether it’s of love or attention. What they receive just never seems quite enough. They compensate by making themselves needed by others, and can sometimes manipulate their surroundings that way. Love can be a very useful currency! Another side effect of the moon is the feeling of not being good enough—the infamous low self esteem syndrome!

There is a good reason why in ancient times some people were called, lunatics; the word comes from the Latin word luna, the moon! Everyone is familiar with werewolf stories—they always happen during the full moon! There you go.

The Cancerian female will always give others a feeling of warmth and coziness, and will often become a rescuer and a confessor. Cancerian men are a lot more withdrawn than their female counterparts. Very fond of antiques and objects from the past, they often make fine collectors; the past has a secure value, and Cancerians have the best memory of the zodiac. The future, on the other hand, is more complex! Many historians, antique dealers, and tormented artists are indeed born under that sign, as well as great CEOs and bankers.

The tikkune, or karma, of Cancerians has a lot to do with family.

Issues of codependency or resentment due to difficult childhoods often lie deep down in their hearts, or contrarily, great memories of times they often miss.

On a positive note, Cancerians are very loveable and sharing—capable of many generous acts.

Famous Cancerians include:

George Orwell (writer of 1984!)
The Dalai Lama
John Rockefeller
Nelson Mandela
Franz Kafka (tormented writer)
Julius Caesar
Rembrandt (painter)
Marc Chagall (painter)
Ernest Hemingway (writer)

Here are three great tips for this month:

  • Don’t hold on to grudges.
  • Connect with your intuition and sixth sense.
  • When you decide to share, never regret it!

Have a wonderful month! Chodesh tov to all!



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