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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Sagittarius 2018

Judging by the comments of many friends and students, these past weeks in Scorpio have been a real rollercoaster! Now is the time to start harvesting the gifts of our tough emotional labor.

This week, we enter the New Moon of lunar Sagittarius. Get ready for all the gifts this time has to offer! The ruler of this month, Jupiter, is the biggest planet of our solar system. As such, its gravitational pull impacts our entire solar system. So, hooray for Jupiter! It’s our best ally in growth and expansion, but of course, Jupiter also rules all the matters of faith. A good dose of certainty is waiting for us right around the corner – the New Moon will be born next Thursday, November 8th, blessing us until Friday night.

Let’s talk about the sign of the month, and give a little roast to our happy Sagittarian friends!

Often awake at sunrise and always ready for a great adventure, Sagittarians are renowned for their spontaneity, and oftentimes for their terrible lack of responsibility. The Sagittarian in your life is a typical last-minute kind of guy! Eager to take a bite out of life any time of the day or night, these friends are not the most mature of the zodiac signs! They have no desire whatsoever to control anything in their lives (unlike the two signs that surround them – Scorpio and Capricorn). And beware of their lack of tact and caustic sense of humor . . .

According to many astrologers, if countries had zodiac signs, the United States would have a Sagittarius rising. Remember the Gold Rush and the very Wild West? In a way, Sagittarians are the cowboys of the zodiac! One famous example is Billy the Kid.

Sagittarians make fantastic teachers due to their brilliant intellect. They represent the air, or the central column, of the fire family. By all accounts, they are the most intellectual of all fire signs. Because of their internal air component, many Sagittarians suffer from commitment issues in their lives; they are far too much in their own heads!

Sagittarius honesty fluctuates. Not every person born under this sign is as honest as they seem. (Some Sagittarians are great gamblers, or very clever thieves and swindlers!) Some prominent Mafia figures, as well as Stalin, were natives of the sign. Needless to say, Sagittarians already know everything you are about to tell them; that’s why they don’t make such great listeners, and are much more at ease in the sphere of the intellect, rather than the one of emotions. 

Very enthusiastic and excited to learn new concepts, they usually own bookcases packed with self-improvement books. Sometimes called the “spiritual surfers” of the zodiac, they often lack the patience to pursue their studies till the end, and just roam the surface of all kind of topics.

Many Sagittarians are fearless adventurers and great sportsmen, driven by life’s challenges. You can easily recognize them by the way they walk – always with a target and always in a hurry. With their laughter and childlike eyes, they will charm everyone they meet. Some natives of the sign are real adrenaline junkies, however, a Sagittarian who feels he or she has failed, will fall into feelings of guilt and depression. That is, until the next challenge appears!

Ruled by bold Jupiter, the concept of measure and balance is completely foreign to them. They tend to act in excess, and no aspect of their lives is the exception: drinking, eating, dating, working, merry-making, gambling . . .

Their physical weaknesses are their thighs, tendons, and muscles, which they always pull, as well as the liver (excess anyone?)

They thrive as consultants or freelancers, and can encounter great difficulty with authority. They often choose careers as intellectuals, journalists fighting for great causes, and skilled photographers, since their eye is so sharp. Many travel frequently in their lifetimes. They are renowned for their love of animals and desire to rescue them. Sagittarians have a way with kids, as well!

Famous Sagittarians include: Winston Churchill, Sammy Davis, Jr., Bruce Lee, Walt Disney, Woody Allen, Hector Berlioz, Gianni Versace, Steven Spielberg, Jimmy Hendrix, and Jim Morrison.

  • Life is hard work
  • Be continuous and regular
  • Organization will help you achieve more
  • Consider commitment
  • Learn accountability
  • You don’t know everything!


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