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Astrology Forecast for July 29 - August 4, 2018

A very interesting week is ahead of us. Let’s get ready!

We now begin a new marathon that is the weeks that lead up to the cosmic New Year and the New Moon of Libra. We refer to this event as Rosh Hashanah, which literally means, “head of the year.” There are seven weeks between the Ninth of Av (remember last Sunday’s heavy energy?) and Rosh Hashanah, during which we prepare our souls – our vessels – and clear up everything in order to receive a new Light and energy for the year ahead.

Imagine for a moment that your soul is like a rechargeable battery. The time it takes to charge it up again occurs during the cosmic New Year. Most of us receive enough “electricity” for the entire year to come. Unfortunately, for some of us, the recharge only lasts for a short period of time. In order for the recharge to be efficient, we have to cleanse ourselves spiritually and prepare a new version of ourselves, a new vessel, in order to receive more powerful energy for the year to come.

So, what's this week’s chart like? There is a lot of fire and air. There is movement, indeed! In fact, the rising sign of the chart is in innovative Aquarius, as is the moon (the soul of the chart) and Mars (the zodiac battery). The chart also contains a T-square involving Mars, Uranus, and the sun. It will take a lot of effort to break this aspect, as Mars is considered one of the malefic, and Uranus is always the “alien” element. The sun, which represents us, is truly challenged by these two celestial bodies!

What does that mean, on a practical level? Guys, get ready to be really tested! The cosmos is going to show us all of our shortcomings and hidden agendas – the messiness of our klipot (reactivity). The trick is not to become blue or depressed about it. To the contrary, it’s about “eureka” moments, flashes of understanding that we are not our “shells.” They just cover us and need to be peeled off ASAP. That’s a great way to really clear things up!

Neptune in Pisces, located in the first house, will subconsciously guide us better, just like a GPS. Since Mars and the moon are conjunct, we receive an amazing push forward, expanding our vessel exponentially, and truly connecting with our highest potential! The charts mid-heaven, or highest point, is in Sagittarius, opening us up to new teachings and bringing a good dose of optimism to our lives.

This week, let’s share our journeys with others; let's open up about our hopes, our weaknesses, and sometimes even our pain. The best homework assignment we can do right now, is to ask people we love very much, “What do I need to change? What do you feel is getting me stuck in my spiritual journey?"

Expect to receive unbelievable feedback, amazing new insights, and real growth from the experience. We should put a sign on our heads that reads, “Under construction.”


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