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Weekly Astrology Forecast for October 7-13, 2018

This week offers a direct infusion of energy straight from the cosmos! The beginning of the week coincides with the New Moon of Scorpio, which is considered by many to be the most powerful day of the year. So, get pumped for the new lunar month ahead of us!

This week, we are blessed with a chart filled with air planets, Libra and Aquarius, and a rising in balanced Taurus. And Venus just entered retrograde motion in Scorpio. The combo of Libra and Scorpio is excellent for more balanced decision-making. In addition, due to Jupiter’s position in the chart, more clarity is ours for the important things in life, like, partners and associations. Much of the fog that was present for weeks is now dissipating.

It may rock our Taurus comfort zone a bit, but it’s a great relief to know who is real in our lives, and if, indeed, we are in the right relationships. With Venus in retrograde motion in Scorpio, much becomes clear about past loves. Perhaps a past love revisits us in the flesh, or maybe we see them in our dreams. The spiritual effect of retrograde Venus in Scorpio impacts all the layers of our subconscious mind. It raises questions about true love, while prompting realizations about our past choices. Regrets may even emerge. But no worries! This will cleanse our hearts and prepare us to be more truthful and loving.

When we dig a bit more, we realize that Venus is also involved in a T-square with the moon nodes. Another element is then added to our processes, i.e. past lives! So many of our past relationships were simply karmic and unfinished business! This week many of us will begin to understand why we met and loved whom we did. This will help tremendously as we work to get past it.

We know that the sign of Scorpio is also very intense and feisty. This week, our best bet is to choose peace (Venus) over war (Mars). This starts with our world – our immediate environment – and hopefully, snowballs to a much greater number of people. Our beloved teacher, Rav Berg, has taught us that mankind has the power to control everything. We have a responsibility toward all other kingdoms: animal, vegetable, mineral, even the kingdom of angels! This is the perfect week to reflect on that, and make an effort to better our surroundings. It's about time we made the cosmos feel we are giving it the respect it deserves! It is our spiritual job to supply energy and care to the rest of the universe.

Let’s not forget the amazing gift the cosmos sends for the end of this week, the New Moon of Scorpio, a powerful day in our astrological year! In the meantime, as we get more clarity in our love lives let’s work on effecting global change: the “butterfly effect” works; let’s use it! This week, let’s make every effort to reconfigure the way we love. Reconnect to the power of love! 


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