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Astrology Forecast for September 23-29, 2018

Happy New Year to all! May we all be inscribed in the Book of Life for the new cosmic year.

We’ve already laid the foundation for a better future with all our efforts over the past few weeks. (Thank God!) Our next cosmic plan of attack is revealed by this week’s chart.

First of all, the element of Earth is surprisingly predominant this week. We have a rising sign and Uranus in Taurus – plus, the MC, Saturn, a Black Moon, and Pluto all in steady Capricorn. And the sun is in its last degree of Virgo. The strong Earth element will give everyone a great boost of energy to manifest desires and changes we really need to happen (Pluto). In addition, at the start of the week, the moon is in mystical Pisces trining Venus in intense Scorpio. The lunar position in Pisces, aspecting Scorpio is very beneficial to our spiritual work. Think of it like wearing infrared glasses to help us see in the dark!

Clearly, this cosmic time is all about self-examination and revealing our potential. Picture this: a random person stops you in the street and says, “Look, I have a special gift for you; I am a prophet who can foresee the future.” What would you say?

Sure! I totally need this!

The special infrared goggles of Pisces/Scorpio will show us who we need to become. And… remember, there is a hero in each of us.

Our beloved teacher, Rav Berg, used to always say, “The cosmos picked me for the job of spreading Kabbalah in the world. But the truth is, it could have picked anybody else!” It feels hard to believe that any one of us could have lived Rav Berg’s life, right?

Unfortunately, we stopped believing in the astonishing things we could do a long time ago. Life eroded us somehow. A very interesting experiment illustrates this point. Scientists decided to test fleas. They placed the fleas in a simple cup, and just observed. In seconds, the fleas started jumping higher and higher until they finally escaped the cup. So far, so good. The same experiment was conducted placing a lid on the cup. What happened then? After one day, the lid was removed. A big surprise awaited the scientists: the fleas became conditioned to jump only to the top. They couldn’t escape the cup anymore!

We are like the fleas!

Every time we run into an obstacle, we reduce our desires, hopes, and expectations instead of keeping our goals high and trying harder. Right now (until early October – the end of the lunar month of Libra), we are in a cosmic process of building a stronger desire. Not only is the cosmos supporting our growth, but it’s also clarifying and reinforcing the realization that we can do so much MORE!

This week, we need to remember who we are, and what we are capable of. Perhaps, you were not encouraged or even made aware of your potential. However, we all have loved ones and great friends we have earned in our lives. The astrological house of friends and helpers (the sixth house) is strong at the moment with the sun and Mercury placed within it. Love and support from others will come your way.

Start every day of this week with a simple five-minute meditation; think about your dreams and true potential. Then share it with your loved ones. Let’s try to FEEL the super hero within, just like when we were kids. Dream big and in Technicolor this week! Listen to your soul.


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