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Astrology Forecast for September 30 - October 6, 2018

Here we are, starting a brand new cycle of life! Most of the “wholly-days” are behind us, and we are ready for a New Year, and a new self!

However, get ready for a rather unusual week…

Surprisingly, this week’s chart contains a lot of air planets – a record of seven celestial bodies! Very airy, indeed. Three are in opinionated Aquarius, three are in peaceful Libra, and the moon is in agitated Gemini. It feels like a ride in a hot air balloon – everything is moving! And of course, so is our decision making. The Libra-Gemini energy makes everything a bit wobbly. We may feel hesitant about the course of things in our lives. Shall I go left? Shall I go right? How should we comprehend and respond to life in general? We can get more clarity about our mission, with the help of a powerful T-square involving Venus, Mars, and the moon’s North Node, in addition to powerful Saturn in the MC in Capricorn.

Currently, the generation setting the tone is the Millennial, the “NOW” generation. They are technologically savvy, smart, and fast. They are the ones who want success yesterday and don’t take time to dive deep into anything (they are all in the “air,” so to speak). Let’s face it; we all have desires we want to fulfill quickly (moon in Gemini). Thanks to technology, we can metaphorically travel in seconds to places around the world via video calls, email, messaging, etc. Everything is so readily available to everyone that we forget to appreciate what we already have. We are already on to the next thing, and then the next.

Our teacher, Karen Berg has wisely said many times, "We are called human BEINGS, not human DOINGS!" And so, this week, the house of partnerships, love, and true friendships is tremendously empowered with Venus and Jupiter in it. The sun and Mercury are in the sixth house in creative Libra, allowing us to open up to new ideas, new people, and even new work.

This isn’t about becoming a dreamer all of a sudden; strong Saturn in Capricorn keeps us focused on the realities and responsibilities of life. But, this week brings a fantastic opportunity to allow our imagination and inspiration to prevail, as opposed to running around all day looking for the next best thing. This week, it’s time to get back to the basics, to come back to the beginning and appreciate love and friendship – all the things money cannot buy.

Let’s take a closer look at our life partners, close friends, even our community. How often do we take them for granted or overlook them? Have we really earned their love? Are we still investing in them, and giving our hearts to them? Are we reaching out of our comfort zones? It’s impossible to keep what we don’t continuously earn!

Our homework assignment this week is to make a conscious effort to create more, love more, and help more – to value our companions and communities more. It’s time for new beginnings, renewal, and deeper connections with our soul families. Let’s reestablish love all around!

You can meditate on the 72 Name, Mem Yud Hei to create unification (Libra) everywhere we go!


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