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Astrology Forecast for February 18-24, 2018

As we are happily settling into the lunar month of Pisces, let’s examine this week’s great opportunities. It says when the month of Adar (Pisces) enters, we should be filled with joy. Meanwhile, we are filled with water! The moon, Neptune, Venus, and Chiron, are all in Pisces, with Mercury soon to follow.

Wow! How do we use all of these energies?

Thank God, the chart’s rising is in earthy Virgo. The four elements and an earthy Virgo rising are very well balanced. They point to some great lessons we can apply to our lives ASAP.

The first lesson is about unconditional love. All planets are in the seventh house (for marriage romance and love). Unfortunately, since all planets are in elusive Pisces along with Neptune, we feel the line completely blurred about love in general! It’s time to take things into our own hands. There are essential questions to ask ourselves this week in order to peel back the layers covering our true desires!

For example, Why am I in this relationship? What am I looking for? Am I conducting myself in the same manner I would like to be treated? How am I communicating in my partnerships? The cosmos wants to help us pinpoint all issues related to partnerships and love, so we can become more true to ourselves and to others. It also helps us focus more on how WE need to change.

Pisces also represents a greater desire for spirituality. This is THE week to go take a course, inquire about deepening our studies, or perhaps invest in continuing our education. And, of course, an attempt to be more proactive about our spiritual studies will benefit all! Science tells us we are not even using five percent of our brain abilities. We have a “muscle” we haven’t used much yet, that is, our spiritual muscle.

A recent study in Time Magazine found people who meditate on a regular basis, or focus part of their time on spiritual study of some sort, had completely different brain waves than the general population. Moreover, CAT scans showed that parts of the brain that were not usually activated in the average person were lit in the spiritually oriented people! So, it seems their potential is better used!

Interestingly, this energy appears in the most intellectual of all the water months, which is Pisces! In kabbalistic astrology, Pisces is considered the air of the water. Pisceans are spiritually or philosophically inclined by nature. For centuries, kabbalists have taught that the critical mass of enlightenment for the world is not in the number of people with a higher consciousness, but rather in the quality of their spiritual quest. So, what are we to do?

Very simply, let us open ourselves up to learning with a greater enthusiasm this week. Ask a thousand questions, if needed! This is an unbelievable time to rekindle our studies, spiritual or otherwise. Why not go back to school if it feels right? Every one of us can gain a higher consciousness with just a little effort!


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