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Astrology Forecast for February 25 - March 3, 2018

We are in full lunar Pisces this week. Let’s take a dive into the great ocean and find out what blessings are in store.

The world’s chart opens up with a Gemini moon, a Virgo rising, and Venus, Mercury, sun, Neptune, AND Chiron all close together (a stellium) in Pisces. In addition, Mars in Sagittarius is powerfully placed at the chart’s IC – the domain of desire and self-construction. 

The sixth house (service) and the tenth house (career) are the dominant features of this week. Anything we do to serve others is very much supported by the stars. I would strongly advise all of us to get out of our comfort zones, open up to new social contacts, or bring in new clients. Overall, putting ourselves out there more than usual is on the menu this week. Even the shyest among us should be speaking a lot louder and a lot more!

As the trend of this lunar month reinforces, this is a great time to enter new work partnerships, provided we stay focused and thorough in all legal matters. Neptune, although prolific, tends to blur lines, which could cause us to miss something. As long as proper contracts are agreed upon and signed, all will work better than expected with a lot of inspiration coming our way.

So far, so good!

What challenges can we expect right now?

This week, we are caught between the the heart (Pisces stellium) and the head (Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo). And we know these two are not the best of friends! The heart is concerned with loving and being loved. It oftentimes makes many compromises thinking it will be ok. The head, on the other hand, is more rational, logical, and cutting. In fact, according to Kabbalah, all issues in our lives are connected to the balance of two.

Send too much energy to the heart and we become consumed with all sorts of feelings, including what people think of us. Too much energy to the head and we become detached and calculating. We are presented with a difficult choice.

This week, we have a great opportunity to see that approval and satisfaction can only come from above, i.e. from our souls. Sounds complicated! How do we even start? By simply injecting a sharing energy into everything we do! In the work place, look for win-win situations. Among friends, make a conscious effort to project yourself with more integrity and genuineness. Most importantly, let’s not mask our weaknesses. We are human after all!

This week, we are choosing soul transparency over the complicated masks, protective layers, and mixed-up feelings. This sounds risky, but blessings can only come with a bit of an investment.

Let's try a simple and practical exercise this week: when asked how we feel, let’s answer as genuinely as humanly possible. “I am scared of my new job,” “I made a mistake yesterday,” or “I am afraid I won’t be loved if I don't do what you are asking of me,”etc. Let’s simply volunteer our state of mind as genuinely as possible, without fear. A whole chain reaction can start. Even random people start confessing things about themselves and their feelings!

Remember, the cosmos always echoes us; the more soul truthfulness we inject into the universe, the more genuine people and opportunities that come our way! It’s time to implement a new, clear internal program.


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