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Astrology Forecast for February 4-10, 2018

We should all be in great spirits after last week’s opportunites! This week, we enter a different cosmic zone. It’s our last mile in Aquarius, and Pisces is just around the corner. At the beginning of the week, the moon is in studious Virgo and five planets are in Capricorn. (Oh no! We thought we were done already!) Thank God, we benefit from the jovian positivity of Mars in Sagittarius. Jupiter is also placed in a key angle: the chart’s lowest point, the IC. In addition, the sun, Venus, Mercury, and the moon’s south node are all in idealistic Aquarius!

First of all, as kabbalists have wisely taught us, “Life and death depend on the tongue.” With Mercury in Aquarius, a sharp Virgo moon, Mars in Sagttarius, and an enthusiastic (but very sharp) Jupiter in Scorpio, it’s time to restrict the things we are about to say! With the presence of so much revolutionary Aquarius and grumpy Capricorn in the cosmos, we may find ourselves caustic and a lot more dramatic than usual. 

Patience and calm are on the menu of this week! In fact, the best attitude is to take everything with copious amounts of humor; serious or heavy chats and conversations should be postponed for later. They can just complicate everything.

Since the rising of the chart is in Leo, the cosmic message is all about taking reponsibility being a leader! So far, so good. However, as usual, there is a little catch… Neptune in Pisces in the seventh house brings trouble in paradise! Be mindful of boundaries in love and partnerships. Neptune creates many mirages and illusions. Therefore, it’s not the right time to make decisions regarding any type of associations. Hold those horses! In short, our first mission of the week is to have tact (and more tact). Be mindful not to make hasty decisions!

The second lesson concerns learning. With Jupiter in such a powerful position, strong Mars in Sagittarius, and Uranus (the zodiac researcher) in the ninth house, education is definitely our focus right now! Kabbalists have always been focused on educating others in any way possible – classes in the open, books, small study groups, etc. The Age of Aquarius has opened the gates of information. But, contrary to what we might think, the real message here is we can never know enough!

Many of us think, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. I read that already,” or “Sure, I knew that!” We say these things without a second thought! Kabbalists point out, most of us actually know enough to be dangerous. We should all adopt the ancient saying, “All I know is that I really know nothing!” With the presence of a strong Aquarius energy representing the dissemination of knowledge, we should remember that ignorance is no excuse!

This is a fantastic time to attend a new course, find ways to deepen our studies, and perhaps invest in continuing education. And of course, let’s try to be more proactive about our spiritual studies! Very simply, let’s open ourselves to learning with a greater enthusiasm! This is an important time to ask a thousand questions and rekindle our studies, spiritual or otherwise. And why not go back to school if it feels right? Every one of us can gain a higher consciousness with just a little effort.


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