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Astrology Forecast January 28 - February 3, 2018

Hi everyone!  We are entering the third week of the month of Aquarius, and this cosmic time is quite eventful! As it happens, the moon is in versatile Gemini at the start of the week, the chart’s rising is in Leo, Jupiter is continuing its drama in Scorpio, and Mars just entered wise Sagittarius. 

On January 31st we will witness a total lunar eclipse, as well! The entire phase of this lunar eclipse, also known as a Blood Moon, will be visible in the US, Northeastern Europe, Russia, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, and Australia. The term Blood Moon sounds like it’s right out of a vampire movie! Actually, in Medieval times, this phenomenon was believed to be malefic—forboding of negative events.

Kabbalistically, lunar eclipses represent an eclipse of the most spiritual side of ourselves. It’s as if we all forget the true life meaning. The moon, indeed, represents the most genuine part of ourselves—our true beliefs and our protector. Therefore, all of us should be meditating and scanning during the time of the eclipse to reveal concealed Light and restore our spiritual blanket. This week, we are reminded that we need to improve our spiritual work. We need to truly learn, even if we think we already know (Mars in Sagittarius)!

Politically, this week can be a real headache! Jupiter, which represents leadership, is squaring the chart’s ascendant and North Node, many planets are in volatile Aquarius already, and Mars in sagittarius is abrasive and, at best, tactless! All around the world we are likely to witness serious issues with different leaderships. Our consciousness should be about injecting peace and common sense into the picture. As it happens, Jupiter is also related to justice, since its name in Hebrew is tzedek, or fairness. Ego, Justice and Fairness seem to be the topics of this week!

What is our take?

Oftentimes, unexpected events (Aquarius!) occur in our lives. To us, they really feel unjust. We may find ourselves personally hurt. Of course, it’s easy to ask ourselves, “Why on Earth is this happening to me? I am such a nice person. I am trying my best; why am I being set up?” It doesn’t seem logical that we are trying so hard without being acknowledged! What’s going on? Is the universe so heartless?

From a kabbalistic viewpoint, nothing happens randomly. There is a bigger picture. In fact, difficult situations, and unfairness or rejection we encounter in our lives are all related to a very deep lesson we need to understand. The cosmos works with the law of cause and effect. It is possible that many years ago, you’ve created some chaos through your words or actions. The cosmos is a very predictable merry-go-round—things must come back at us for the very purpose of improving ourselves. This week, let’s get ready to be challenged about that, too.

We are now given a chance to stop the drama and make things better! Let’s just start by acknowledging this isn’t some mistake or coincidence. Immediately ask the Light, the Universe, for a deeper understanding of the “movie” you are going through.

This week, we should also meditate on the 72 Name for “revealing the concealed.” Next week, we will hopefully be much wiser!

Have a great week, everyone!




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