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Astrology Forecast for January 7-13, 2018

Good news! We’re all about to get a much needed boost of positive energy from the cosmos. This week’s chart actually contains a stronger presence of fire than earlier, with the MC in pioneer Aries, and Mercury still in Sagittarius. Mars and Jupiter are at the exact same degree of Scorpio, which will positively refuel all of us.

At the beginning of the week, the moon will be in studious Virgo, while many planets are still in heavy Capricorn. Right now, dense Pluto and the sun are way too close making it feel a bit like an eclipse! In addition, there is no air in the chart at all — no communication, nor ventilation whatsoever. Since we are already in the descending phase of the moon, it isn't cosmically recommended that we start new things. But, we can, of course, pursue ventures which started earlier, like all those New Year’s resolutions we had planned for ourselves and hopefully started on the 1st!

A peculiar phenomenon is occuring this week: 80 percent of the planets are located in the western hemisphere of the world’s chart. The west is the sphere of the "other." This week, the universe teaches us to reach out and invest more energy into others. Well, what’s new? Kabbalah is all about sharing, anyway!

The point is, we are in the month of Capricorn, ruled by heavy and intense Saturn, which makes it ten times harder to actually come out of ourselves to share with those around us. Capricorn energy is all about personal control, as we learned a few weeks ago. Reaching out this time of the year is a major endeavor because we are going against the grain of the energy this month contains.

Prepare to hear all of your inner complaints and objections this week!

“Why do I have to go back to work? I need a massage… I wish I was in the Caribbean forever…”

The voice inside is so loud, how can we think of sharing right now? But, of course, who is talking? Definitely, not the soul!

When was the last time you heard, “Gosh, I need to save the world today… I havent shared enough. Let me jump out of my comfort zone…”

THESE are messages from the soul, my friends, and in most cases, they are too faint to be heard. These soul thoughts come loud and clear to kabbalists and very spiritual people, as they have trained themselves to hear them. Most of us still need to work to hear them.

So here’s three simple steps to help us achieve a state of good spiritual health this week:

The first step is to voluntarily inject thoughts of sharing into your consciousness. That’s exactly the push the cosmos is giving us this week: the clarity that we should reach out towards trying to help others. Since we are still in lunar Capricorn, and this sign does in fact love arduous work, we get an extra boost of will power to do just that!

Second, whenever we start listening too closely to the numerous requests of our dear bodies, we should tell ourselves, “Oh boy, I haven’t shared enough. Let me reach out to someone quickly.”

Finally, meditate all week on Hey Hey Ayin, the 72 Name for love and compassion. 

This will be a great way to spend the rest of our lunar Capricorn week!

To be continued…

Have a beautiful week!




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