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Astrology Forecast for March 25-31, 2018

A very special week unfolds as we prepare for our big yearly battle: the wholly day of Pesach and the full moon of Aries! As we explained last week, every battle and victory of the year is decided on the night of the full moon, also referred to as the Seder, which in Hebrew means, order. Let’s examine the actual chart of this event to better grasp the global energy shining on the world this year.

The first obvious feature is the overwhelming amount of fire in the chart. But, of course, we are in the month of the ram. Still… the sun, Mercury, Uranus, and Venus are all in Aries. Mercury is in the middle of its retrograde motion, which is from March 23rd to April 15th. Mars, the star of this month’s show, is decently placed in persevering Capricorn, but Saturn and Pluto have tagged along! What intense energy!

A great medieval kabbalist and astrologer by the name of Rav Abraham Ibn Ezra wrote that when the two malefic celestial bodies, Mars and Saturn, are together, they cancel each other’s negative effects. For us, that’s a great blessing since this trio didn’t spell any good news otherwise!

In addition, Pluto pushes the world to seek depth and to ask sharper questions about where we truly belong. The domain relevant to this is the fourth house—the house of roots or our “home,” which represents our truest desires and a sense of belonging. Jupiter in the second house, in retrograde Scorpio, will create the same effect at an individual level, helping us to check what we truly want for ourselves. In a way, all of mankind is ushered forward to seek deeper life meaning, and that’s great news!

The moon is in responsible Virgo, adding a note of care and humility, especially since it’s located in the 12th house—the domain of the subconscious and invisible. So, where is the catch? Answer: the Aries warzone—the misunderstandings created by the Aries desire to be viewed as a great person. We all agonize over the idea we might not be appreciated, or even seen by others. This overwhelming fear of rejection, or lack of recognition, is exactly what we will be dealing with during this whole holiday.

It’s time to accept the challenge, and disconnect ourselves from what people think of us. That’s the greatest gift this holiday offers: becoming whole again, reconnecting with who your soul is regardless of the opinion and expectations of others. Does it mean we should be provocative and insensitive? Quite the opposite! All the major planets are in the seventh house, representing partnership and harmony!

However, it’s only with a strong sense of self-purpose and belonging that we can win all the battles of the year to come. Meditate this wholly day to reconnect with your higher and truest selves. May we all have a great and meaningful connection at Pesach!


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