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Astrology Forecast for March 4-10, 2018

We are still sailing on the Pisces ocean! Many amazing opportunities are just around the corner. The month of Adar is under the powerful influence of giant Jupiter. It’s time to take advantage of this energy. Jovian cosmic zones (Sagittarius and Pisces) are designed to allow us to overcome our natural ways, and rise above many of our limitations. Indeed, this week’s chart illustrates this very well!

First, many T-squares are featured. Although, they have a bad reputation, they tend to kick us to our next level. Jupiter, the start of this month's show, is making beautiful angles to Venus, Mercury, and transformative Pluto. Meanwhile, the moon is in peaceful Libra, and the chart’s rising is still in earthy Virgo.

What is the cosmos trying to tell us?

The answer is unbelievably simple: in order to reach the Jovian happiness promised by the month of Adar (Pisces), we need to challenge our Piscean comfort zones (five planets!) with the help of eight mutable planets. How does one reach simple joy with so much water? What is the spiritual definition of joy anyway? And how are we expected to act this week?

Obviously, we are all in very different places in our lives. The word joy can seem a bit farfetched sometimes. When a difficult or terrible event takes place, it can feel humanly impossible to reach the warm and fuzzy feeling of joyfulness. However, if we had a better vision of the big picture, it would certainly make our lives easier. Rav Berg’s teacher, Rav Brandwein, once pointed out that life passes by so fast; it’s just a blink of an eye!

This week, the universe gives us a good push forward. A lot of mutable energy has been released in the cosmos to enable us to escape the Piscean tears and tissues! Mutable planets help us look at everything in a more open and flexible way. 

To understand real joy, we have only to take a look at children. Kabbalists ask, “Who is a wise man?” The answer is, “One who learns from everyone.” That’s great in theory, but what can we learn from babies? According to the sages, we can adopt these three things:

  1. Demand what you need until you are satisfied
  2. Be in constant motion
  3. Smile all the time

Who would have known?

Now, this doesn’t mean we all need to all go stomping around, screaming our heads off until we get what we want! The truth is, as babies, we are so in tune with our core needs, and we will stop at nothing to make sure that those needs are being met. This is a great week to check in with yourself and ask, “What are my core needs and are they being met? What do I need to make more room for in my life? What do I need in order to be at my best, my most productive, my most happy, and fulfilled?”

Another important thing we can learn from children: Children don’t judge. They know no hatred, divisions, nor social conflicts until adults teach them. Our teacher, Karen Berg, often says, “A child sees another and doesn’t inquire about his social status. He simply asks, ‘Would you like to play?’”

This week is a fabulous opportunity for all of us to connect with the most authentic part of ourselves and rediscover our world, becoming more aware of the many wonderful things that exist around us. The real source of joy lies in our connection with our souls.

So, practically, our plan of attack is to look at life with a child's eyes …it's that simple!

Be open, fun, and playful – even naïve and all-loving for just one week! 


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