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Astrology Forecast for the Month of Aquarius

Hi everyone! This week, we are finally entering the new lunar month of Aquarius. Yay! At first, this feels like a relief – thank God the heaviness of Capricorn will be released soon. But, we are not quite there yet! As it happens, the New Moon’s chart is still very, very earthy. This is a case of mind over matter. If we don’t mind, then it doesn’t matter! And this is the precise motto of Aquarius!

Let’s find out more about the energy of the sign, even if the free atmosphere of Aquarius will be delayed a bit this year.

In the kabbalistic system, the gold medal of ego goes to…. Aquarius!

Oh no!

One thing is sure about Aquarians: they are rather unusual. That’s the reason many of them dress differently than most. They also tend to have beautiful eyes placed rather far away from each other, which gives a certain distant look. Don't quit reading yet!

…Most Aquarians are actually brilliant minds who barely connect to the mundane world. That’s why it’s so difficult for them to be in any frame; they feel imprisoned in them. They rarely take orders from anybody, unless they truly admire the person, and that’s really out of the ordinary! Since their minds are constantly researching and questioning, Aquarians will come up with quite out-of-the-box concepts.

Very social people, Aquarians know everyone in town and can get to the White House or the United Nations in three phone calls. Their biggest Achilles heel is one-on-one relationships. Why connect with just one person when I can communicate with thousands?

They are found in politics, in revolutions of all sorts, and in research, where they excel.

Many of them feel a humanitarian calling from a young age and can be found in the street demonstrating or raising awareness. They are very opinionated individuals, and consider many causes a burning fire (they are the fire of the air.) The biggest problem is that they tend to view principles as more important than people. Before changing the world, they need to change. When asked what they want to reform in themselves, they will often say they feel great just the way they are, but thanks for asking!

They understand family in a different way, oftentimes assembling a kind of rainbow family. Very independent, it usually takes a while for an Aquarian to get married. In any case, they are a bit rebellious from birth and feel a very different sense of life purpose!

Often, the simplest jobs are a nightmare for them because their brains are wired in a completely different way than others. When their energy is well focused, their ideas and work can lead to amazing growth and unbelievable problem solving. Care should be taken so they don’t allow their egos to throw everything away. They are also known to be shockingly honest, and have a terrible lack of privacy and boundaries. (Nobody wants to hear about their sex lives at dinner!)

In the body, Aquarius corresponds to the blood, the chin, the ankles, and their three Achilles heels!

Abraham Lincoln, Francis Bacon, James Dean, Jules Verne, Lewis Carroll, Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei, Thomas Edison, Charles Dickens, Boris Yeltsin, Yoko Ono, Franklin Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan! That’s quite a list!

In conclusion, we are slowly entering a really powerful energy this month, which will allow all of us to break out of our limitations.

Have a wonderful New Moon,




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