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Being Like the Light

As we enter into the portion of Vayelech, we are also entering into the month of Tishrei (Libra) and the holiday of Rosh Hashanah. The portion of Vayelech is one of the shortest in the Bible, and we know that where there is less, there is always more – making this one of the most powerful weeks of the entire year to inspire inner change and closeness with the Creator.

Rosh Hashanah is the birth of humanity, the birth of Adam and Eve. It is also the birth of a completely new cycle – a new month, a new year. We learn in our studies at the Kabbalah Centre that the seed level – the start – contains everything. In fact, we encourage each other to take extra precaution in the first day of a new month, as our actions and consciousness on this day directly influence all the days in the month that follow. If this is true of each month, how much more so it must be for the year.

It is interesting that we do not bless the month of Tishrei as we do all other months, and it is written that the reason for this is that we do not ask what the Creator can do for us in this month, but ask what we can do to clean the slate so that we can participate in this birth of humanity -- different than before.

In other words, what is being asked of us now is to be like the Light.

The Light is giving. The Light is merciful. The Light is kind. The Light sees the perfection that exists in us, and thus the Light believes we are capable. The Light is encouraging. The Light is selfless. The Light is unconditional.

The Light, in a word, is love.

It is said that after a month of looking at our negativity --all those dark places within ourselves that we would like to change -- we should arrive at Rosh Hashanah as though we are a completely different person. A new person. It is our birthday, we are born anew. Let’s rejoice during these days. Be happy at this time. See only good. Be like the Light.

The kabbalists teach that if there is a decree of judgment in the cosmic that is meant for a person, God forbid, and this same person, when given the opportunity refuses to judge somebody else, then the decree meant for this individual will be removed. In these coming days please refrain from judging anyone or anything for any reason. Instead let’s focus on what is right, and well and whole. Let’s ask what we can give rather than take. Let us behave like the Light, and by doing so plant the best possible seed for our new year, and remove any judgment that is to be decreed for ourselves and the rest of the world. And in this way, maybe, just maybe, we might merit to see Mashiach in our time.


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