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Building a Wall between Negativity and Blessings

The Shabbat of Bamidbar always comes before Shavuot, and the kabbalists explain why. They tell us that in the previous portion, Bechukotai, there was a list of what are called the curses, which represent negativity that can come into this world and into our lives. And with this portion of Bamidbar, we are about to connect to the Light of Shavuot, which is the Light of Immortality and of the removal of all global pain and suffering. Therefore, we need to have this portion and Shabbat of Bamidbar to separate the curses of last week and the blessings that are coming up this week.

In a simple way, the understanding is that something needed to be put in between the curses and the blessings. Something needed to be put in between Bechukotai, which represented any kind of darkness or challenges that can come into one’s life, and this coming week, Shavuot, when the Light of Immortality is going to be revealed. We know, however, that there are no coincidences, and every part of the spiritual system is exact. Therefore, this means that there’s something unique about the reading of Bamidbar, and about this Shabbat that has the power and ability to stand as a wall between ourselves and any type of negativity or challenge.

That’s the deeper understanding of this Shabbat; it’s not simply that there needed to be something between the curses of last week and the Light of this week, but rather, that there is something special, there is unique Light, secrets, and blessings that are revealed on Shabbat Bamidbar that literally build a wall between ourselves and any type of negativity. 

With this understanding, we can now be clear that what’s happening on this Shabbat, and what our consciousness needs to be focused on, is that we’re literally building a wall between last week’s negativity and darkness and this coming week’s great blessings. As such, regardless of anything further we understand about the secrets of Shabbat Bamidbar, that is the first consciousness. There is such great Light coming this week that if we have any leftover negativity or darkness from the previous week, it limits the Light of Immortality and of endless blessings that we can receive from Shavuot. This can also be in our consciousness; if we’re holding on to any type of sadness, or are feeling down or upset from things that have happened before, that also limits the amount of Light that we can receive on Shavuot.

It is important, therefore, that we don’t just connect on this Shabbat, but that we also do whatever work we can to clear ourselves, our minds, and our consciousness of any residual negativity from before. In so doing, it will make it much more possible for us to receive the great Light of Shavuot. And, that’s what Shabbat Bamidbar is. It is the Shabbat of the wall; the wall between any previous negativity or darkness and the Light that’s going to be revealed on Shavuot, the Light of Immortality. It’s really a powerful and beautiful understanding of why Shabbat Bamidbar always comes before Shavuot: it comes to be that wall. But, of course, in order for that wall to be built, we have to connect to it, understand it, and ask for it. 


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