Magnetic, intense, deep, creative, driven, sensual: These are the adjectives usually used to describe the powerful energy of Scorpio. In Hebrew, the word for Scorpio is Cheshvan, and the prefix for this month is mar, meaning “bitter.” The kabbalists explain that this “bitter” description doesn’t mean it is a particularly negative month, per se, but rather that there are no holidays, no cosmic windows through which we can draw energy. Mar-Cheshvan is the eighth month on the lunar calendar. Like Aries, it is ruled by the planet Mars, the planet of war. The symbol for the month is the Scorpion. The letters that connect us to the spiritual energy of the month are Dalet, which created Mars, and Nun, which created the sign of Scorpio.

Letters for ScorpioThe Scorpio’s nature is one of polarity, containing within itself the ability to fall to the darkest depths and yet rise to the highest heights. In fact, this polarity exists in all aspects of the universe: Wherever you have the potential for the most sharing and good, you have the potential for the darkest negativity as well.

With their powerful emotions and keen intuition, Scorpios have the ability to dive deep into situations and into the unseen world. This can make them very sensitive to the energies that exist, but it also gives them the ability to cut through pretenses and illusion, zooming right in on the issue at hand with laser-like focus.

Therefore, this month is a good time to:

  • plan things for the future
  • see if the relationships we are in are real and can last
  • cultivate business relationships
  • cut to the core of the various aspects of our life and see how we can move them forward.

With Scorpio being one of the most powerful signs of the whole zodiac, how can we take its energy and make it work for us?

One good idea is to wake up a few minutes earlier each day and mediate for the world to be in harmony and peace. Use the power of your consciousness to infuse the world with positive, loving energy. Send it out for all, and it will come back to you in turn.

The second idea is to approach anything that is unpleasant and turn it around to make it positive. Whatever happens to you, transform it. If you get into an argument or there is some disagreement between you and another person, lay that conflict to rest and open up a space to talk together to come to some type of mutual understanding and peace.

With all that is happening in the world, it is ever so important that we remember that we are 100% responsible for everything we experience and we have the power to change. For this month especially, our energy and consciousness needs to be in a place where we allow things to happen that will create harmony and balance for ourselves, those around us, and the world.


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