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Crossing the Finish Line

If you have ever watched a marathon, you have seen the incredible journey that runners experience. A tiring and difficult one that literally goes on for miles and miles. Then, however, comes the joy of crossing the finish line. The runner, at last, breaks through with hands in the air, knowing at that moment the feeling of victory, accomplishment, and joy. We too have been on a long journey this year.   

Starting at the first month of Aries, our marathon ran all the way through eleven adventurous months. We now reach the final and last month in the zodiac, Pisces.

Pisces is said to be the month of great joy. As we cross through our finish line, we are sure to find great blessings awaiting us this month. Though our marathon may have been beset with obstacles, hills, and valleys, now is a time of celebration.

If you know Pisceans, they are oftentimes the kindest, most humble, and altruistic of all the Zodiac. Because they live, breathe, and embody this energy of completion and elevation, they know true spirituality and wisdom. They intrinsically know it is better to share. They know the Light is in the business. They know worrying is unnecessary, and they have complete certainty in the Creator’s plan. They also feel everyone’s pain because they feel so deeply themselves. Most importantly, they know the great jubilation of being connected to the Upper Worlds and of being bathed in the Light of the Creator. If anyone can be accused of having their heads in the clouds, it is the Piscean! They are the great dreamers of the Zodiac because they are living the dream.

We too, regardless of our personal sign, are bestowed with this wonderful energy this month. If we wish, we all can connect and become like the Pisces.  

We all may bathe in the Creator’s light and experience the final redemption of this journey. We can know the joy of reaching the end and the great rewards waiting for us there.

As we soar through the clouds this month, it is important to remember that we do still, however, live in the physical world.   The energy of Pisces gives us a taste of what is still to come. However, we are still in the physical world. We know in the back of our minds that the journey begins yet again next month in Aries. But for this month, we can taste the joy, even if for thirty days. During this month, if we are open to it, we can be channels for this elevated consciousness. We are able to draw down the spiritual world to the physical world now perhaps more than anytime of the year. It is the time of year, where charity, giving, loving, caring, and open hearts are the most essential qualities to implement. For every month of Pisces is an opportunity to draw down the energy of the Final Redemption, where there is no chaos and only joy.  

During each month of Pisces, it is our job and great honor to syphon to the physical world all the qualities of the Creator, the most important of which are love and mercy. We have the opportunity to tap into this energy once a year. With the help of the Creator, we can accumulate on Earth all the love and mercy that we need in order to bring about a joyful world, not just one month a year, but for every month, all year, and forever.

In this month, we put on our long range vision glasses and see the finality of this Earth experience. We see the homecoming to the Creator is, indeed, possible. We cross the finish line and with our hands raised in the air, we know true happiness.  Our job this month is to allow joy to become a reality. Allow it to sink into our hearts, minds, and bodies. Experience the victory, be happy, and celebrate. Most importantly, we must draw this higher consciousness down to as many people as we possibly can, through acts of sharing, giving, kindness, and love. It is then we are able to get a little closer to the Final Redemption, a time when every soul on Earth crosses that finish line to a world where pain and suffering is no more and only joy exists.

Enjoy this good month, my friends. May God Bless us all.


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