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Daily Astrology Forecast for January 27 - February 2, 2019

You Are Not Alone

Today’s relationship between the Sun and the Moon can deceive us into thinking that we are on our own. We may feel that no one understands us or cares for what we think or say. Today, we should remember that these feelings are illusionary! Buying into this illusion only serves to separate us from the Light and people. In the month of Aquarius, we can all feel a desire to be on our own. We can feel the urge to break free and do whatever we want. This is positive as long as it is not rooted in negativity such as depression, self-scrutiny, or thinking that others are not worthy of us. We did not come to earth to separate ourselves from people. On the contrary, relationships and interacting with people are at the very heart of our spiritual mission. They are the channel in which we learn, grow, and connect to the Creator. For the way we treat others is the way we treat the Creator, Himself.

Connecting With the Younger Generation

Today the lines of communication are open to the younger generation. The beautiful sextile between the Moon and Pluto allow for this and benefits especially those who are parents or in the educational system. Even if you are not a parent or teacher, reach out to your child relatives or any children you know. Spend time with them, have a conversation, and make them feel safe and loved. For the parents reading, it is good for our children to always feel safe and secure. It is good for them to feel our love and sincere care. Today is an ideal time to communicate with our children as there is a lesser chance of them feeling threatened by authority. They will be more open to listen. Let us all be warm and tender with the children around us. This love is the foundation in them becoming healthy and independent adults. Love is always the best seed to plant in every situation. 

Be Mindful to Not Dismiss Another

There is a great power in today’s conjunction of the Sun and Mercury, both being in Aquarius. This force is so strong that it can motivate us to act insensitively to others, especially to their opinions and beliefs. It can be challenging today to be subjective and humble with our own beliefs. Our ego can come full force if we do not keep it in check. The ego can emerge in a myriad of ways. Monitor your urge to be the first and last to speak. Resist this and allow others to express themselves. Today is not the day to vie for attention. Your communication will excel if you restrict your ego and allow others to lead the conversation. We can always hear more when we say less.

Always Willing to Lend a Hand

With today’s Moon and Jupiter conjunction, we are inspired to help others. This type of cosmic connection allows us to see the value and benefits of giving. Today, we can deeply understand and internalize the idea of circuity and unity. If we wish to bring more Light and blessings into our own life, we can only do so by activating the force of unconditional and transformative sharing. If there are areas in life in which we find sharing difficult, today will be the ideal time to nurture and heal this imbalance. Our desire to give is activated, just take action! Give, give, and give even more. For when we give, we will never be without.

As Above, So Below

Today’s sextile between Saturn and Neptune has not occurred since 1996! This can help us in unifying the Upper Worlds with the lower dimension. What does that mean practically? Most of us strive to fulfill our soul’s purpose. Yet, we must deal with our day-to-day obligations. We have responsibilities and must contend with the material world. We are distracted by desires and endless thoughts. However, today, the cosmos helps us rise above the mundane world and become more aligned with our soul’s purpose. We are able to understand how our purpose in life is best manifested in our daily activities, interactions, and thoughts. When we are more aligned to our soul’s purpose, we can then be closer to achieving this purpose by choosing better in how we act and think. Actions based on the consciousness of the soul, will always reveal more Light in our lives and the entire world. 

Restricting Revengeful Desires

Today, there is a power struggle between Mars and Pluto. This can kindle seething anger issues and awaken old disagreements. Today, be aware of the fire smoldering within. Take a deep breath before dealing with any uncomfortable situation. If a confrontation can wait another day or two, then wait. Do everything in your power to stay cool and calm. Engage in spiritual activities such as meditations, walking in nature, or yoga. Do anything that you consider to be relaxing and balancing. The hero is one who can control his or her passions.

Networking Your Way

Venus and Uranus trine today, and this welcomes the new and exciting to life, specifically in the areas of romance, friendships, and networking. Today, it is beneficial to spend time with a group of people. It’s also ideal to try something new with your partner and break any couple’s routine. New activities can potentially ignite a fire and open new doors and opportunities. If your career involves sales of any kind, today can be perfect to make a deal, introduce your product, engage with investors, or create any sort of new partnership. Working with others interlocks and strengthens our roots, benefiting ourselves and the group as a whole.


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