Daily Astrology Forecast for April 7-13, 2019

Divine Discipline

Today provides a positive and vital cosmic support in the month of Aries. One of the qualities of Aries is being a powerful and energetic initiator. This month, we are helped to have a strong discipline so that we may complete our goals with great enthusiasm and boundless energy. With today’s positive aspect of Mercury and the stability of Saturn, we can gain the power of perseverance and discipline, especially to envision, plan, and execute our ideas. Today can be a great day to take the first step towards manifesting our ideas. We gain the ability to stay disciplined to follow through with our goals and see them through to the end. It is in the effort we place in life that we find our path to fulfillment. We experience the most joy when we earn our blessings and transform into creative beings. It is in this awakening of the Creator within do we find our truest purpose. 

Mind into Matter

We find ourselves today still in the frame of this beautiful cosmic support of Mercury and Saturn. This energy allows for more creativity and imagination to enter our lives. The beauty comes when we give these creative ideas and inspirations the outlet to manifest that they deserve. The universe supports this process today. If you are inspired by any idea, do not let it just slip through your mind. Take the time to sit down and plan a course of action to make this dream a reality. The universe will provide the resources and answers needed to actualize your ideas. Our spirits come to this world and manifest into our physical bodies. We live in a physical world for a reason. Drawing mind into matter is divine work and why we came to this world.

Anti-Anxiety Prescription

Nervous energy is present today. Start your day with closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths. When we breathe, we take in the Creator’s energy. Ask the Creator to help you today to be present and take things slow. Find time during the day to even take a walk around the block and connect with nature. The Moon is entering Gemini and joins closely to Mars in Gemini. When Gemini is involved, we know things will move much faster. Since both the Moon and Mars relate to our reactive system, we might be challenged today with unusual anxiety and impatience. Avoid jumping to conclusions and reacting too quickly. Be cautious not to dive into anything too quickly, as you may get hurt. Watch yourself from lashing back at others, and be careful not to judge too quickly. Assuming we know everything usually leads to fears, worries, and even more anxiety. When we think we alone are in control of our lives, we exaggerate our importance and shrink the Creator’s presence in it. Dimming the Light only serves to create more anxiety. Certainty and assuredness can only come when we make ourselves small and the Creator big. 

Our Greatest Challenges Are Our Greatest Gifts

Today’s cosmic activity is here to teach us a lesson. Our challenge today, though, is to avoid learning the lesson the hard way. Today, my best advice would be simply to not become frustrated. Be patient, especially when things do not go your way or as quickly as you would like them to. Be careful that any impatience does not lead you to push the boundaries of the law. The Sun and Saturn square can also cause processes to slow down. Be aware of this influence, as you may see things come to a halt that have been moving along normally. Avoid making decisions based on doubt or uncertainty. Instead, take advantage of slowing down to ask needed questions and to learn more. Look for a lesson emerging in any challenge. Saturn is known as the “great teacher.” It awakens us to learn wisdom and build strength during challenging times, doubtful moments, or hard work. The Creator never gives us more than we can handle. It is through these moments that we discover our true power, strength, and the Light inside of us.

The Little Lies We Tell Ourselves

Today’s energy can be challenging if you need to confront someone or have a serious talk. With Mercury and Jupiter square, there is a chance for exaggeration in our communications. Pay attention that you do not blow things out of proportion. Think twice before giving anyone “the business”. Stick only to the facts at hand, for exaggerated feelings can easily lead us to create false scenarios in our head without us even knowing it. Our perception is what is being challenged today. Be aware of this so that you can avoid being involved in any conversations that you will only regret in the future. Oftentimes, people watch only what goes into their mouths and forget about what comes out of them. Our words are powerful beyond what we may realize. They can build, but they can also destroy. 


Taking the Road Less Traveled

The great and positive Jupiter is in retrograde for the next four months. Jupiter is a planet that is associated with many blessings of life. One of them being spiritual hunger, which is our desire to connect to our personal purpose and truth. When Jupiter turns retrograde, it provides us with an opportunity to look back on our lives. It is time to re-evaluate our lives and take a closer listen to inside ourselves. Today, reflect upon your personal values and spiritual path. Is it time to make a change and delve even deeper? There is a great power in waking up in the morning and recommitting to life and to spirituality. During this period, be open to feeling blessed and developing new desire for people, life, and your spirit within. We come to this world and can be easily distracted by things that do not serve us. The outside world calls loudly for our attention, but it is our softer inner voice that we came to hear. 

Farewell to Arms

With today’s challenging energy of the Sun and Pluto, it is highly recommended to stay out of as much trouble as possible. If there are people in your life who rub you the wrong way, today, it is best to avoid interacting with them. Today’s cosmic event can potentially ignite power struggles, fights, and heated situations. We do not want to engage in battle today, even though it will be tempting to do so. Plus, the likelihood of winning the argument is not in our favor.  The best plan for today is just to stay out of the war zones. Interact with people who you have no friction with and do not bring up any sore topics or sensitive issues. Today is not the day to wage war and take the risk in doing so. Stay safe in the neutral zone. We are often drawn to prove we are right and to win the battle. But in life, if someone loses, we both lose. Choosing peace and love is how everyone can win.



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