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Daily Astrology Forecast for December 30 - January 5, 2019

Your Inner Psychic

In Astrology, we divide the 12 astrological signs into four elements: water, earth, fire & air. In Kabbalistic Astrology, we discover that each astrological sign also has an internal essence. Besides the sign’s external element, there is an internal element that reveals the true spiritual essence of the sign. Capricorn is an earth sign with an internal essence of water. What does it teach us? That during this month of Capricorn, we are aided in becoming more practical, logical, and goal-oriented, but we also are supported in discovering and developing our sensitivity and intuitive nature that lie within.

The ability to be connected to the external physical reality and the internal spiritual reality is a winning combination for Capricorns, and for all of us this month.

Today, let us be open to tapping into that internal sensitive element of water. Pause for a moment during the busy and demanding obligations of the day. Close your eyes for a moment and begin to become aware of others and how they feel. Try to tune into messages from the Universe. In this way, we are able to create a healthy balance between the physical and metaphysical, the body and spirit, and receiving and sharing. 

Power of Renewal

With today’s movement of Mars into the sign of Aries, we can feel a cosmic push and encouragement to start any endeavor. It is a day for new beginnings, initiatives, or manifesting changes in our lives.

This month of Capricorn already offers us a strong work ethic, but it can also be too calculating and sluggish in achieving goals. Embrace the fire and speed of Aries, together with the forceful planet Mars, to help us shift to a higher gear and accelerate to our next level in Life. Take advantage of this cosmic shift of energy by taking an action. Start or initiate a new endeavor, or take a next step in a current one. Change brings renewal and the ability to start again. A clean slate is sometimes all we need to take us on the path to a more fulfilling and blessed life. 

Happy New Year!

Today, use the power of the practical Capricorn to create a plan for the future. Take the time today to create the best vision plan for your life for the coming year. Where do you want to see yourself this time next year? What steps does it require to take you there? Decide on the timeline and resources you will need.

In Kabbalah, we learn that envisioning where we want to be in our minds is more than half the battle. That reality now exists and the path to manifesting it physically is automatically set in motion. 

Before we merge into the lightness of the next month, take advantage of the last few days of Capricorn. Build a plan of manifestation for everything you want in your life for the upcoming year. If we can believe it, then we will see it.

Taking Responsibility

Today, with the Moon’s transition into the sign of Sagittarius, we might feel an inner lightness, become more optimistic, and have a desire to break free from limitations of any kind.

However, even with this internal wave for freedom, there are other cosmic forces that are guiding us to do just the opposite. We can achieve true internal freedom only if we are willing to take responsibility for our actions and willing to face the consequences. This will allow more freedom from guilt, shame, and of caring about what others think of us in the future. Accepting full responsibility for our lives is the first step towards self-empowerment and authentic joy.

New Horizons of the Mind

Today’s energy is broad and can influence us in a wide range. If you are in school or involved in any type of study, today can be the time to finally understand concepts you could not make sense of before. Therefore, use this time to push yourself and delve into more advanced study material.

At work and at home we can gain greater understanding and receive creative ideas and solutions.  Our mind is sharp and functioning at its very best today. The power of the mind can be placed over matter, and when it is, we can overcome any obstacle in our path.  

How Much Do We Really Know?

Today’s cosmic energy can potentially make us think that we have all the answers to all the questions in life, but do not be so sure. I am not advising you to be in doubt, but to allow for more space and time before finalizing any conclusions. In addition, be mindful and conscientious of the advice we give.

Today, we are being guided to listen and to be open to the messages the Universe wishes to provide us. It is time to put aside our own logic and convictions, for a higher law and order. When we are open to Divine Logic, we will be closer to the truth. 

Close the Door to the Past

Today’s cosmic events are considered to be like four stop signs from four different directions. It’s a time when it is recommended for us to finalize chapters and not start anything new, just yet. This is a convenient excuse to not continue our New Year resolutions until later. We can still focus, however, on the previous year and take note of our mistakes. Take the time to sit down and create clear plans for the upcoming year.

With five planets in Capricorn and a solar eclipse in Capricorn, it can be difficult to initiate anything new at all. Schedule new tasks and projects for tomorrow or the day after. A new moon is on the horizon, and it will be the ideal time to initiate new endeavors and take the first steps towards a bright and promising future.


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