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Daily Astrology Forecast for March 24-30, 2019

Quieting Your Mind

Today could give rise to major confusion. Mercury in Pisces is still in retrograde and is conjunct with Neptune in Pisces. This can potentially create clouds of confusion and illusions. Today, control your imagination and do not let it run wild. Avoiding creating dramas in your head and wildly speculating on how others may have wronged you. Just stick to reality. Do not allow your mind to wonder and create “movies” in your head.  While Mercury is in retrograde, communication can become more challenging and misunderstandings can easily occur. If you feel in battle with today’s energy, pause and take deep breaths. Focus on your breath for several minutes until the train of thoughts quiet in your mind. If people around you are chattering and gossiping, leave the room. Simplification is the key today. Science tells us that the majority of our thoughts can be negative, but we have the power to change that. When we choose to focus our thoughts on positivity, care, and love for other people, we will be able to change the channel of our minds to one of peace and certainty.

Peace Within

The Sun in the sign of Aries together with the beautiful trine with the Moon, creates the cosmic support to understand and see clearly what we desire and how to obtain it. Today, we can easily be aware of our feelings and needs. Because of our clarity, we help others understand and become aware of their own. Another quality of today is the influx of energy and wisdom arising from our romantic partners. Because you are tuned in to your needs and desires, you will have a clear understanding of your needs in your relationship. Your clarity today will also allow you to make amends and end any conflict. Today is an ideal time to seek peace and extend the olive branch to those with whom you have felt tension. Until we learn to care and love ourselves, are we really able to love another? When we recognize first the divinity within ourselves, we are then able to value and respect it in those around us.

Higher Love

With Venus’ movement into the sign of Pisces, there is a beautiful potential to awaken love and harmony today. For some of us, emotions and expressing them might be difficult. Today supports us to connect to a new level in feeling the needs of others and being compassionate. We are supported in learning how to express love and receive love. Love is a force that spans throughout all our interactions. We can feel love in romantic relationships, friendships, family, and even for all of humankind. Today, we gain the ability to expand our hearts even further and learn to love people and concepts that we have previously neglected. Do anything possible today to connect to this beautiful force we call love. Share your feelings with another, give to people, and pay more attention overall to the people and things you love. The sky is the limit to the amount of love that can be awakened, shared, and created in our lives. Let us be channels of love for the entire world. Let us choose to be a positive source of love for all with whom we come in contact. When we each choose to ignite the love within our hearts, we ignite our own light. Together with enough lights, we can remove all of the darkness from this world. 

Removing Obstacles in Our Path

Today, Mercury turns direct again. In other words, there is an awakening for things to begin to flow again in the right direction. Mercury is known to be the communication planet and it acts like a messenger. Starting today, the messages we receive will be clearer and there will be fewer obstacles along the road of communication. This can affect technical aspects of communication, like emails and downloads, as well as our individual and even spiritual communications. It is always ideal to keep the channels of communications clear and open so that we may be able to successfully express ourselves and successfully receive messages from all sources. Today, allow this boost of clarity and cosmic shift into your life. Take action to initiate healthy and open lines of communication of all forms in the areas needed. We came to this world to remove the space between ourselves and the Creator, and only by removing the space between ourselves can we make that possible.

Change It Up a Little

Today is a good day to do things differently, especially in your daily routine. Be open to change today, for unexpected ideas and people can appear to you. If you are single, today could be ideal to meet someone new. However, be sure to stay open to anyone, for your true love may not be someone you would expect. New and romantic opportunities are on the horizon. If you are currently in a relationship, take a break from routine with your partner and engage in untraditional activities. Flexibility is key in order to welcome any changes that might present themselves. Today’s cosmic energy can bring more excitement and variety to life. Remember, we can only receive the blessings of life if we are open to them. Our next best thing may come in a package we might not expect. Be willing to trust what the Creator places in your path. Nothing is ever random, and everything always comes to us for our best interests.

Transforming Our Deepest Wounds

Today can be a powerful day for our spiritual transformation. as well as for what we call in Kabbalah our tikkun. We all carry with us “bagage” from previous lives. These are the many experiences and memories we have carried with us into this life from the past one. It is a challenge, however, to see what part of ourselves is from this life or the last. It is a challenge to know what parts of our past life should be kept and what parts should be cleansed and released. Today, Pluto sits right on top of the south node (which is the point of karma) and both are in the sign of Capricorn. This combination can provide us with multiple lessons and the ability to transform our deepest wounds from the past. We garner the strength to handle any truth today. We are open to accepting any type of spiritual work that is required from us in this lifetime in order to elevate and grow spiritually. Spiritual growth is our mission here on earth. As Rav Berg once said, “The purpose to life is to come to this world one way and leave it another.” 

Our Beautiful World in Need

Today’s beautiful trine of the Sun in Aries and Moon in Aquarius is encouraging us to act for a greater cause beyond ourselves. Our emotions and compassion have the potential to be directed outward today. With the power of Aries, it is a great time to see what global cause is close to our hearts and take the needed action to help. There is a balance in giving and receiving that we strive to achieve in life. Today, we can learn to achieve this perfect balance. We can be acutely aware of our own needs and simultaneously the needs of others. We can understand there is fulfillment waiting for us when we choose to be active in helping those around us and participating in a cause beyond ourselves. We can see the full circle of how caring for others is really caring for ourselves. We gain the wisdom of seeing that we are all truly connected. Today, we are able to recognize the power we hold to be a spark of Light for a world in need.  


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