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Daily Astrology Forecast for November 18-24, 2018

With today’s moon in Aries we can all experience an increase in our energy levels. We can get an energy boost to do things we’ve been postponing for a while. Today will be a good time to start a new exercise routine or initiate other kinds of  new ideas and ventures.

However, we also need to be careful not to be TOO assertive. Be considerate of others, especially when we seem so certain our way is the only way. As Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, today we can be challenged with feelings that we should be first in line, and if we don’t get what we want we can experience some explosive emotional reactions, as well. Be mindful of that challenge.

Let’s utilize the benefits of this moon today, take advantage of the ability to inject more energy into all that we do, and push ourselves to start anything we didn’t have the courage to before. 

How many balls can you juggle?

Today’s Square between Mars and Jupiter can lead us to overestimate our abilities.

It is true that according to Kabbalah we learn that everything is possible. It is true that if we put our mind to something, with the right consciousness and apply restriction, we can defeat any limitation.

However, since today’s cosmic aspect is a more challenging one, we should take the time before jumping into any promises. Before committing to any overwhelming tasks, think twice – is it something that I can really follow through on? Am I going to really have the time and all the means to fulfill my commitment?  Today is a day to be realistic and practical so you won’t find yourself in an unbalanced reality when you are double-booked, overwhelmed or over-exhausted in the near future. 

Healing Powers…

Today’s energy is allowing us to connect to healing on many levels. Since there is a beautiful trine between the Sun and Chiron (which are both in water signs) there are tremendous healing powers we can all access today.

In any area of our life, (physical, emotional, mental, etc.) if there are any open wounds that we are still not dealing with, today will be a good day to inject this healing energy. It would be a good day to schedule any treatment, practice healing meditations, or join a healing circle. Whatever you feel the most connected with! Take some time and invest in your healing.  

Uniting opposites!

Today can be a day when major internal conflicts at last come to resolution. There are areas in our lives that are always in debate; areas in which we might feel we are constantly asking ourselves: Do I confront or let go? Do I initiate or let things evolve? Should I follow my logic or my feelings?

Today is a day that the universe can send us the right direction, not necessarily in choosing one of these sides, but in teaching us how to incorporate BOTH! How to find the BALANCE.

Rav Berg often mentioned that when two opposite forces learn to live with each other, only then can chaos, pain and suffering be removed.

Today has the potential to achieve this internal peace, in finding our own balance and understanding how to incorporate our internal battles. 

Explore beyond the horizon.

The Sun moves into Sagittarius today, and therefore we are welcoming an extra Sagittarian energy into our lives. Today, welcome the challenges and risks. If an opportunity for adventure arises, we can gain the strength and courage to go for it.

A surge of enthusiasm and optimism is in the air and we can tap into this energy by looking for the good even in life’s challenges. Try to connect to the opportunity that the universe is presenting to you within any situation.

Some activities that can be great to incorporate today: Travel, join a retreat, volunteer in an animal shelter, take time to engage in deep spiritual study, read a book, or join a study group. 

Keep things Light.

With a moon in Gemini on the horizon, we can all feel a little chatty today, especially when it comes to expressing how we feel. Gemini energy can be all over the place and might distract us if we are trying to focus or accomplish something from beginning to end.  

It might be best to keep things light. Get involved in social activities, organize a fun dinner with friends, have a spirited conversation around the table, read a fun novel, or break your daily routine somehow and add fun activities to your schedule.  

Awaken compassion and universal love.

After 5 months of the planet Neptune in retrograde, today Neptune is turning direct.

This is a day in which we can feel a stronger sense of compassion towards people around us, even on a global level. We can empathize and be more interested in dire situations in the world, and feel the pain and suffering that people are going through.

Today’s compassion can come with a sense of universal love to all, and a desire to be part of the solution, to unite us all and bring the end of chaos and pain once and for all.

Take the time today to learn about what’s really going on in the world, share it with people around you and be part of awakening the force of completion and universal love. 


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