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Daily Astrology Forecast for October 9-13, 2018

Tonight, we are celebrating the New Moon of Scorpio. This month can be a time of intensity, depth, truth, and most importantly – transformation! But it all depends on how spiritual we are striving to be.

Today, the planet of communication, Mercury, is also moving into the sign of Scorpio (for the next 3 weeks). Avoid being controlling and obsessive in communication. Find a way to communicate in a more meaningful, truthful and profound way that will bring you closer to those around you.

One of the questions we should ask ourselves throughout the month: Are we being motivated by an internal desire to build or to destroy? Seek to build, always. With kind words, actions of sharing, and a consciousness of seeing the good that exists in everything and everyone, we can build up others and even build our self-esteem, all while building a better world in the process.   

This is the first day of Scorpio, a time with tremendous potential for spiritual transformation. The strength, intensity, and truth that can be revealed every day of this month is very powerful, but risky at the same time. Be wary of utilizing these strengths to control and manipulate others.

Today, Mars squares Venus – the 2 power houses planets, the feminine and the masculine. This challenging aspect can potentially impact relationships specifically in igniting arrogance and power struggles. Today, try to avoid the “know it all” response, and instead strive to be more open and willing to listen. It will serve you well!  

Today, Mercury in opposition to Uranus brings us a great opportunity! Today’s energy ushers in a unique clarity that will allow us to see how we can start making our ideas, hopes, and dreams a true reality.

It will behoove each of us today to create a clear plan on how to move forward from this point on, one day at a time, incorporating actions that are leading to manifesting our greater hopes, ideas and ideals in life. (Especially when those ideas have to do with affecting others positively, humanitarian work, or being part of a good cause.)

Without a plan, a dream is just a dream. By creating a course of action today, we can begin the process of making our dreams come true. 

Trouble at work? Issues with your boss? Today will not be the best day to solve it, confront it or even deal with it. The Sun (in Libra) square to Pluto (in Capricorn) potentially can ignite conflicts at work, and specifically with those who represent authority. If you are in either position – the boss or the employee – be cautious to not to get into arguments or to prove anyone wrong.

Remember that according to Kabbalistic Astrology, the planets do not create your reality. You do! Our purpose is to be aware of the forces in play, and to utilize them for our personal growth and achieving our tikkune. There are days when the planets are aligned in a more supportive way and there are days that can ignite more challenge. If we do need to stand up to an authority figure, or have a confrontation of any kind at work, we should do so – just choose the best timing. Today it’s a good time to find the best compromise and listen to others’ 

The Sun and the Moon are in a great position today. This day creates an opening for all of us to have a happy and positive approach towards our life. Today is a day to look at life’s lessons and understand how to utilize them effectively. See how we can grow from any experience and gain a clear vision on how our past experiences lead us to successful futures.

This perfect planetary setting gives us both the power to assert ourselves and at the same time consider others. Today we can put on the rose-colored glasses, focus on the good, and move forward without letting the negative affect us. 


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