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Daily Astrology Forecast for October 21-27, 2018

The energy in the cosmos today will give us the strength to build and transform! Having 3 powerful planets (Mercury, Jupiter and Venus) in the sign of Scorpio can give us a lot of strength. The question is: Are we using this strength to build or destroy?

Be wary of focusing too much on the negative – and of letting everyone know about it! Instead, when you see something negative, consider how you could make things better. Use your strengths to apply positive changes that will lead to a spiritual transformation in your own life, and everyone around you will benefit in the process. 

Today the moon moves into the sign of Aries. The moon represents our reactive system, our emotions and our internal world. Aries, as a fire sign, the first of all the signs of the Zodiac, is considered to be also the most external, reactive and impulsive sign.

What this tells us is that for the next few days, we should be more cautious than ever when it comes to choosing our reactions! We might feel impatient, wanting to jump to judgment or other harsh ways of reacting. But by being aware of this potential energy in the cosmos, we can work harder on restricting and make sure that we take a deep breath (a few times!), before we speak up, act or respond.

Remember that we cannot always choose what happens to us, but we can always choose our reaction to the situation. By choosing proactive and positive reactions, we can transform any difficult situation into a blessing.  

With the Sun entering Scorpio and the Sun opposition to Uranus, we can feel the intensity in the air. Do you feel a need to control every situation? You might today! There’s tension in the air and it can create tendencies of nervousness or becoming easily irritated. In disagreements, avoid the desire to fight back, compete, argue, or seek the upper hand.

This would be a perfect day to concentrate instead on listening to others’ points of view. Learn how to let go and take the time to relax. Seek an emotional tranquility. It will behoove each of us to spend a few extra minutes today  in any spiritual practice, whether it’s your daily mediations, yoga, spiritual studies, a walk around the block – anything really, just so long as it recharges your soul!  

Today’s beautiful full moon in Taurus provides us with a unique energy of completion, through any crisis or difficulty which bring us closer to personal transformation. Any full moon, which is the 15th of every Hebrew month, brings upon us an opportunity of positive completion, just like the Moon appears in its full form, full of Light.

Since we are in the midst of the month of Scorpio – which awakens both spiritual transformation and our dark side – the energy of a full moon in the stable earth sign of Taurus brings about a beautiful balanced energy that can help us to push through and deal with our negative aspects in a more positive and practical manner.

What challenges have you been facing lately? Today is a day of resolving those problems. Just how we are supposed to do that is up to each of us to discover, but I’ll give you a hint: Problems tend to solve themselves when we learn the lesson they came to teach us.  

Being stubborn is a quality that can either work for or against us. Today’s challenge is our tendency to become rigid, unchangeable, fixated, and even arrogant about our own ideas. It will be to our benefit to open our minds and our hearts today, to be flexible, and to consider other aspects of reality or other people’s ideas and viewpoints. By attempting to see other points of view, we can start to see a much bigger picture of the world around us.

Today is also a great day to turn ‘stubbornness’ on its head and to use it for the positive. Use your stubbornness to become strong, firm and certain in areas you are struggling with making decisions and moving forward. 

The Sun and Venus conjunction is directing us to deal with close relationships today. We may be dissatisfied with a friend or partner and feel the need to create changes in such relationships. But beware! Those two planets are in the sign of Scorpio, and that could lead to unwarranted suspicion, lack of trust, or desires to control and manipulate in our dealings with loved ones.

The way to achieve the changes you wish to see in your relationship is not through control, and it’s not through checking someone’s phone or breaking into their email to see who they’ve been texting! Instead, it is through honest and mature confrontation, humility, and allowing yourself to be vulnerable even by expressing how you’re feeling. Strive for this depth and truth in your relationships, and the focus will shift to the worth of your loved ones and an intense appreciation for the role they play in your life. 

Today provides a powerful force to move forward! There is a beautiful aspect between the Sun and Saturn, the leading, powerful planet and the serious and practical one. This gives us the energy to actualize and manifest our desires. It’s a great day for bringing great ideas down to earth and making a clear plan of action! Just don’t forget to consider others in the process. Be sensitive to those around you, and make sure you’re not stepping on anyone’s foot along the way!

The name of the game today is: You can do anything. Now, what are you willing to do to make it happen?


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