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Daily Astrology Forecast for November 4-10, 2018

With the moon entering Libra today, we have to make up our minds!  

The moon is the most fluctuating planet. Libra is a sign that has difficulty making decisions, and we may feel the effects of that today. To avoid this challenge, let’s use the positive combination of the moon in Libra. Let’s see and examine all the possibilities, feel other people, listen to all opinions! But in the end, take a deep look inside and see what your gut is telling you is the right thing to do. Then, follow through and act without fear or doubt.

Have certainty in the decisions you make. Even if they are the wrong ones, they are the ones that will lead you to the lessons you are meant to learn.  

Scorpios are known for their extreme emotions! This month, if we are Scorpios or not, we are all under the influence of this sign. Today let’s focus on balancing our emotions with logic, and if we happen to experience any extreme feeling – for good or for bad – use all the tools in your spiritual arsenal to restrict and shift focus. Find the time to meditate, quiet down, pray, or get involved with helping and sharing. It will give you the clarity and internal peace to make good decisions. 

Creativity and compassion are on the horizon today! With the beautiful Sun and Neptune trine, both in water signs, we get a tremendous opportunity to connect to our creative side. Today, we can come up with creative solutions to long-standing problems we’ve faced, or simply take the time to create – paint, write, sing, invent and connect with any creative activity. The energy in the air is also one of compassion. This day, more so than any this week, will be a good day to relate to other people’s challenging situations, to show compassion and see how we can best help and support others on their journey. 

Time to clean up. With the moon in Scorpio, we can take advantage of the intense and thorough energy, look deep inside and get rid of anything that doesn’t serve us anymore. Any negative emotions that have built up lately, including resentment or jealousy in any form. If you feel the need to consult with someone, do it! Open up to a friend, or go to a therapy session. This is a great day for that.

However, be careful in your deep digging of negative emotions that you are kind to yourself in the process. Be supportive of your spiritual growth. As long as we are living and breathing on this planet, we will always have negative emotions. It’s the striving to learn from our mistakes and the desire to be better that counts.  

What a happy day! Today Jupiter is entering into its natural sign of Sagittarius. It is like the planet is “returning home” and that kind of occasion happens to Jupiter once every 12 years!  This movement brings a potential (not just for today, but for the next 12 months!) of a lot of optimism, happiness and enthusiasm for us all. All the positive things this sign and planet represent can be advantageous to everyone – good will, generosity, welcome and conquered challenges. Now is the time to be adventurers and seek for the deeper truth in everything.

On the flip side, we should be careful with this abundance of goodness, not to over indulge, abuse or waste any sort of abundance, and avoid taking any extreme unnecessary risks. With a little restriction, we can experience the joy of life that Sagittarius can bring, along with its many miracles and blessings. 

Happy new month to all of us!

Welcome into the month of miracles, optimism, curiosity and vitality.

Sagittarius is one of the Fire signs that is known for their growing desire to explore life, in any sense, at any moment.

Today with the beautiful trine of Venus and Mars there is a balance point in the universe where we can feel it mainly in our love relationships. It’s a good day for new beginnings. Initiate and take the first step in any romantic endeavors. If you and your partner had plans to do anything to bring you closer to each other and bring more balance and love to your life, this could be a good day to do it. Travel, sign up to a retreat, or a class together. Not a bad day for getting a dog, or even perhaps creating a child! Today can be a great seed level to all those new beginnings. 

Today we can connect to the energy of perseverance in our spiritual efforts. Specifically if we need to deal with any unpleasant part of our life, or as we call it sometimes: our Dark Side. With today’s beautiful aspect between the Sun and Pluto, our strength and ability to HANDLE is being awakened. 

Is there a negative habit that you have wanted to change for a long time? Did you postpone confronting someone for a while? Maybe you didn’t have the courage to apologize, or take responsibility to your actions? Today’s energy can support you with all that, so push yourself to clear up any type of negativity that you still holding on too. 


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