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Experience the Infinite

This month, we are all granted the potential to experience the infinite.

The Kabbalists explain there are unique energies ushered in on the first day of each new lunar month, known in Hebrew as "Rosh Chodesh." An understanding of these energies can help us take full advantage of the opportunities that exist within that time frame to further our spiritual growth, relationships, and work. This week we welcome the New Moon of Aquarius. The Zohar reveals that there is such an abundance of Light revealed in this month. It is a time that pushes us forward towards complete connection with the Light on an individual and a global scale.

Aquarius is an air sign, connected to the mind and intellect. Those born within this influence are often great "idea people," and can also be the ones with the ability to organize all the parts, moving a goal to its fruition. Forward thinkers, Aquarians are often attracted to what is outside the box; as individuals, they march to the beat of their own drum.

The month is represented by the "water bearer" who pours forth abundance for the world, an indicator that Aquarians have an enormous potential to serve humanity. Quite often they feel intrinsically connected to causes greater than themselves, and it is not unusual to find them working with non-profits, or organizing protests in the streets.

The Zohar says that the tribe associated with the sign of Aquarius was the tribe of Asher, which was gifted with land teeming with olive trees, the source of an abundance of oil. Oil represents wisdom. For just as oil is brought forth from olives through a grueling cold pressing process, so too is spiritual wisdom acquired through a process that takes place on three levels:

On the first level, we receive the concept with our intellectual understanding; it makes sense to our minds. The second level is feeling; we feel the truth of what we learn. The third level, which is very high, is that of knowing; this happens when internally from the depths of our soul, we know something to be true.

Through the influences of the air of Aquarius, the water from the water bearer, and the oil from the tribe of Asher, we have all the elements necessary to bring ourselves into a new consciousness with which to experience the Light, and to know It with every fiber of our being.

Here are some things we can proactively do to help take in all the energy we can draw this month:

1. Commit to something.

Aquarians are notorious for their ability to learn from many different avenues. They are excellent seekers, with open minds and free spirits. But we don't want to spend the month (or a lifetime) in seeking, so find something to commit to. Even if it is something as small as a waking up and taking a few moments to appreciate the fact that you have breath in your lungs and the capacity for love in your heart.

2. Be a servant of the Light.

When we can set ourselves aside to see how we can contribute to our communities, families, and friends we often find a great amount of stability for ourselves, which then also has a positive impact on all those around us.

3. Be mindful of the ego.

It's so easy to believe that we are the architects of our own success, and yet all that we are is only because of the Light of the Creator which sustains us at every moment. When we know that all we are blessed with can be gone in a second, we can live with greater appreciation and gratitude for this present moment.

4. Keep your heart open.

Remember that the best way to know God is by finding God in others. Aquarian energy tends to direct its focus on the big ideas and plans. This month, don’t lose sight of the people around you.

With an open heart and an open mind, we can harness the energy of Aquarius to experience the Divine on all levels – intellectually, emotionally, and internally – bettering our own lives and the lives of those around us in ways heretofore unknown.

Wishing you a blessed month,


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