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Extracting Our Sparks of Light from the Darkness

We are now entering into the month of Shevat, or Aquarius, and are in a powerful time period that began last month and continues throughout this one. It is called Shovavim, and is a time in which we can bring back all the sparks of Light that we've thrown away from acts of Desire to Receive for the Self Alone. 

In every action that we do, positive or negative, there is a spark of Light; therefore, every time we become angry or act out of selfishness, jealousy, or reactivity, we are taking a spark of Light and putting it into a place of darkness. But in this month of Shevat, the Creator gives us the gift of being able to gather back all the sparks of Light that we have wasted.

One way we can do this is by connecting to, and meditating on, two unique, powerful names, each made up of three Hebrew letters: Bet Yud Tet and Chet Bet Vav.

We meditate with this Name which acts as a magnet that draws back all of those sparks of Light we have thrown away.

We meditate on this Name and ask to reveal the Light from all of the places we know we've acted out of selfishness AND all the Light from the unknown places - where we aren't even aware that we’ve wasted Light.

We can use these two names to meditate on extracting the sparks of Light that we've thrown away due to negativity. If we can remember the specific actions we did that threw our sparks and energy into those places of darkness, we can then ask that the names act like magnets to elevate those sparks of Light back up from those specific places. With each name, we meditate on those three letters and ask that the energy we threw away – both in places we remember, as well as all the unknown places – return back to us, out of the darkness.

Any time we do not have the ability to manifest something, anytime we're feeling down, a major reason why is because we've thrown away sparks of Light that we needed from those places. Those sparks of Light are no longer part of our life force; however, in this month of Aquarius, like in no other month of the year, we can bring back all that Light and energy. So, certainly as we enter into this new month, and throughout it, we can use these two names as magnets, and meditate on bringing the sparks of Light that had been wasted back to ourselves. It is a gift of the month of Aquarius, during which time we have the opportunity to consciously use these meditations and elevate ourselves.


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