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From Chaos to Balance

The solar eclipse of last month still holds a significant power, which will continue in the months ahead. This energy is especially triggered in the first few weeks of September. Current transits (similar to the ones during the eclipse) are re-stimulating the hard degree of the August solar eclipse. 

This New Moon is also the kabbalistic New Year, so happy New Year, everyone! This is an extreme position for this New Moon; there seems to be no grey area at all. Black or white, and right or wrong, can easily swing from one to the other within the span of a day. Be very careful with what you say and think for the next few weeks. This New Moon will allow us to weave our hearts and souls with the Light and connect to a greater consciousness.

This New Moon also continues the same complex aspects and patterns as the last full moon in Pisces; think of this as part two. The Virgo-Pisces axis plays out the victim-savior polarity. We need to find ways for actually creating a new consciousness and transforming old patterns. Failure to get clear on this can trap us in a cycle where chaos from the past continues to hold us back. With Uranus in Taurus (who plays a major role this month and year), it’s time to focus on harmony between mind and soul, so we can fulfill our destinies. Above all, jettison luggage of the past. Whatever it is, it belongs in the past.

With Uranus in Taurus (May 2018 - April 2026) this time is truly a union between heaven and earth, mind and soul. It’s our path to true freedom. Soon we’ll experience the equinox (September 22nd/23rd) – that time of year when day and night are of equal duration. It’s always a good time to think about bringing balance in areas of our lives that need it. Remember, too much of something is as big an imbalance as not enough. The sun in Libra marks the equinox and asks that we look for balance. 

That balance also comes from those who balance us out. Libra is the sign of partnerships. Who are you in partnership with – yourself, the Light, and others? Libra is the sign of relating; it’s all about relating to a “higher” you. For the month ahead, the planet Mercury, now in direct motion, will conjunct Mars and “push” us to move forward. Ask yourself, what needs to change? What new spiritual and physical routines must I now adopt (Uranus in Taurus)? Which areas in my life do I need to see the truth (Jupiter in Scorpio)?

This is a time when we could easily take a detour from our usual paths, and finally gain the courage to break from restrictive behavior and patterns (Uranus in Taurus). THIS is the month to reveal our highest potential.

As we near 2019 (5779) – also known as the Year of the Earth Pig in Chinese astrology – we also approach the end of a complete rotation through the twelve zodiac signs. It’s time to reflect on the previous 11 years, and fix and close cycles. The year, 2019, is a bridge year to 2020 where goodwill and motivation are renewed and strengthened. We can tap into the ability to transform difficulty into opportunity, both individually and collectively.


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