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Gearing Up for Change

The month of Virgo presents us with tremendous opportunity to be freed from inner limitation so we can approach Rosh Hashanah from a clear, conscious and ready place.

By nature, individuals born in Virgo can be very detail oriented, possessing the ability to zoom in on the smallest nooks and crannies that others might miss. While this knack for minutia can be a blessing in work and business matters (and also in the maintenance of a clean and tidy living space!), it can also lead them be somewhat critical - of themselves and others, but mostly themselves.

Every day of this month will bring us the chance for cleansing to the degree that we remain conscious and open for it. The Light Force will shine on our reactivity so we can be freed from it. We might see how we are blocked in our relationship because we are stuck on an idea of what the other person should be. Or we might see how our problem at work is really an issue of our own insecurity or fear of the unknown. While this sort of awareness usually arises out of discomfort, we should really embrace it all in these weeks because we are being prepared for a tremendous cosmic opportunity for positive change.

In this period of preparation, it is important to not cast too wide of a net. Try to focus on a few aspects wholeheartedly rather than everything at once.

Also, beware that your insight is not twinged with self-judgement. Beating ourselves up will only block us from seeing what we need change.

The process by which we cleanse ourselves of our negativity is teshuvah (repentance), a concept I am sure you will learn in depth this week in your classes and connections at The Kabbalah Centre.

Through teshuvah, we can take full responsibility for our life and our circumstance, feeling the pain we have caused, and restoring the energy we lost this year through any sort of selfish, fearful and reactive thoughts, words and actions. (We can also cleanse from earlier in our life and prior lifetimes; but it behooves us to remain focused in present moment as that is where the Light is.)

The symbol for this month is the virgin, representing the magnitude of spiritual cleansing we can undergo in this transformative stretch of time so that we can receive the blessing of a fresh start in the coming months.

Remain focused this month. Stay open, sharing, and full of love - and I’ll see you at Rosh Hashanah – ready to reveal tremendous Light for ourselves and the world which is sorely in need of it.

God speed,

Karen Berg


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