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Increasing Our Capacity to Love

Happy New Moon of Taurus! And welcome to an eventful lunar month of Iyar. Taurus is usually synonymous with Venusian peace, tranquility, love, and all the good things in life. But, this month, the cosmos is still maxed out with five Aries planets, and it seems the universe is preparing us for the heavy Omer period. This month’s chart is, indeed, fiery and composed of many cardinal signs (Right Column energy).

Most of the planets are, in fact, in the house of Venus, the seventh house and whose rising is Libra—also ruled by Venus. On top of that, Venus is in Taurus, the sign of its mother ship. We definitely need to be more proactive—not impulsive—about all forms of love this month. Instead, look for continuity and persistence.

The Sefer Yetzirah, the first written book of kabbalistic astrology, writes beautifully about the Lord and ruler of this month: planet Venus.

Why is Venus thought of as ruling life? It seems like a big deal to put all of life under one planet’s ruling! Well, when we look closer we find that life is synonymous with both the creation and maintenance of the living. The creation of another human being is made through love (Venus). And we maintain life thanks to our basic needs for food, shelter, and sustenance, as well as healing (all ruled by Venus).

The secret of this month has to do with all things surrounding life!

Let’s address love and “creation” first, since we have so many myths about it. What is the essence of love? We learn that the word “ahava” (love) has a numerology of 13, just like the word “echad” (one). Only through unity can we actually achieve love. When we really, really care, we can truly start loving. Not vice versa! We are all infatuated with the idea of love. It’s like we are all in love with the idea of love, instead of focused on finding true opportunities to increase our capacity to love! This month, as indicated in the chart, is our greatest opportunity to correct this.

The cosmos asks us to look for a win-win in every situation, otherwise it’ll backfire. What happens in the “micro cosmos” also happens in the “macro cosmos.” Worldwide, we should pray with the hope that partnerships will be created between nations without agenda, and in a more straightforward fashion.

The other side of lunar Taurus is the “maintenance” of life—from basic needs to constant financial growth. This month, we are challenged by the lack of appreciation, or impulsive financial behavior. The cosmos will interpret it as a simple lack of care (three Capricorn planets)!

On May 16th of this year, Uranus will enter Taurus, and will remain there until late April of 2026! What does that mean for all of us? First, the way we see money and belongings will never be the same again. Uranus will transform the way economies flourish, the way we see every currency, and the nature of currencies. What we thought was safe until now, probably won’t work much longer. Mankind will be taught not to rely on financial safety as a “crutch!” The changes Uranus brings will be, as usual, very unexpected. Taxation is likely to change, too.

Since Uranus is the zodiac liberator, and Taurus rules banking and finance (not a coincidence that there is a statue of a bull on Wall Street!), we can expect banking to change, too. When we look at history, we find that Uranus was in Taurus during the Great Depression, from 1934-1935, and during World War II from 1941-42. It’s time to look at money in a much more spiritual way, to realize that money is no more than the energy and sweat we spend trying to earn it!

Second, Taurus is also related to healing. A revolution is also happening in medicine, with many breakthroughs in alternative fields. All matter, as demonstrated by Einstein, is a form of energy. We need to reconnect these dots in our lives! For mankind, lunar Taurus will be the time to grow a new consciousness regarding life in general: we will finally get “life” as the spring renewal it’s meant to be.

A cosmic revolution of thought is happening! Are you ready for it?


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