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Let Love In

Relationships are a major theme in the first half of this very watery month of Cancer. If you have ever felt stuck or overwhelmed due to a highly sensitive energy, you understand the urgency of seeking spiritual support in order to fully transform ourselves (and the world). Taking time to connect to your spiritual community will aid personal growth. This month, our focus is on how we talk the talk and walk the walk. Only by being a positive example of proactivity can we achieve elevation this month. 

On another note, transiting Uranus in this month’s chart is all about personal breakthroughs – the endless process of connecting to oneself on a deeper level. These potential breakthroughs depend upon letting go of the past. The energy of this month urges us to be simple, clear, and more straightforward. Loving others  – and letting ourselves be loved – is a critical step that allows us to become more aware of the past that we cling to in our hearts and minds. It’s time to release it, time to let go of “old habits.” STOP getting stuck in your box.

The grand water trine happening this month with Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in the water signs portends a period of rejuvenation – to love and to be loved. It’s time to come together, and a time to “let go” of old habits and the emotional barriers we build around ourselves. There is deeper water available this month, and deeper meanings we can delve into. Therefore, the reward is deeper, too.

It’s time to take charge and spread the word: only with LOVE can we make a change in this world. 


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