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Listen with Your Heart

Welcome to the new lunar month of Av, which literally means, “father.” Indeed, his majesty, the sun, is the ruler of this month. Traditionally, the month of Leo is associated with the best and worst humanity has to offer. Strangely, the month of Av holds the most challenging time (Tisha B’Av) and the happiest day of the year (the kabbalistic Valentine’s Day, Tu B’Av). To get a better idea of all the whys, let’s turn to the most ancient Kabbalah manuscript, the Sefer Yetzirah, or the Book of Formation. Regarding the lunar month of Leo, it says:

And He made the letter, Tet king over hearing
And He bound a crown to it,
And he combined one with another,
And with them He formed
Leo in the universe
Av in the year
And the left kidney of the soul, male and female

The key to understanding this text is to think of it in terms of unification versus division. When we closely study the molad, or birth, of the New Moon’s chart, we find it very low key for Leo. Many planets are still in Cancer, and located in the twelfth astrological house, which is traditionally ruled by Pisces – the humble domain of retreats, staying behind curtains and away from all spotlights. So much for our Hollywoodesque? Leos! Even Venus is now in humble Virgo, and the fiery energy of lunar Leo is only found in the chart’s ascendant.

The sun, ruler of Leo, truly represents the “self.” In terms of the Jungian archetype, it is the animus, the way we convey ourselves in the outside world, our rational soul, the mind, our mental power and courage. Leos can indeed lead with generosity, bravery, and glamour. Magnanimous and loving, they will fiercely protect their loved ones.

The Sefer Yetzirah makes a very valid point when it suggests that “hearing” is the secret of this month; Leo actually never listens to anything! The Aramaic letter, Tet, which created the sign, is drawn inwards and strangely looks like an ear! The cosmic message is obvious: nothing we hear or experience is a coincidence. Everything we experience is a part of OUR movie ­– we are the main actors, and the turmoil around us is an opportunity to improve our consciousness and access a better script.

Ignoring this fact is what brings about division and destruction. It’s so much easier to pass the responsibility on to others. The ninth of lunar Av has seen the greatest self-sabotages in all of human history – for instance, the destruction of both Temples. Things start, as they often do, with a very small incident, which snowballs into massive bloodshed.

The fastest way to create division is not to listen to the other, to listen only to our own ideas. This is something our whole generation needs to understand. With Uranus in Taurus since May, we all suffer from a strange syndrome: wanting greater freedom while maintaining a quiet and stable lifestyle. This is the contradiction? between rebellious Uranus and traditional Taurus. It creates an unusual atmosphere of simultaneously breaking ground and the absence of movement. It’s as if we want others to make the changes for us!

With Pluto in Capricorn until 2024, we are faced with many drastic changes in the fabric of our society. The good of the community overrules individual rights. An old order makes room for a new one. The “I” is replaced by “we.” This month, it is our duty to open ourselves up to hearing others, and making a decision to unite with them, while maintaining our uniqueness. One doesn’t have to contradict the other!

With the help of Neptune in Pisces, our generation is dedicated to expanding its consciousness beyond the five senses. Metaphysical studies are on the menu for all of us. Hopefully, we will prepare a good spiritual soil for the following generation.

With this in mind, we can make ourselves ready for the most beautiful day of unification lunar Leo has to offer: Tu B’Av, the Full Moon in the month of Leo when the sun and the moon unite. On that day we can draw the Light of soul mates in all areas of our lives. The day to highlight in our calendars and not to miss is from the evening of July 26th through July 27th!


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