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Making Our Dreams Come True

If you have ever had a beautiful dream before, you know the disappointment of waking up only to find it was all just that — a dream. Perhaps you dreamt of a loved one who had passed on, or perhaps you dreamt you were living another life you always desired. Dreams are what make human beings so powerful. We are able to envision things that never were, and begin to strive towards manifesting them. Dreams are what fuel us to continue to endure in almost unendurable situations. It is dreams that create works of art, master symphonies, and things never thought possible.   

Welcome to the month of Aquarius. The month where dreams are possible. A righteous month because of all that it is and that it will be. This month, we all become righteous dreamers as we peer out the window of our lives and see the bright future, where the glorious sun begins to rise in our own lives and the lives of all humanity. 

After the heaviness of the previous month, Aquarius comes to us with lightness and a breath of fresh air. Aquarians oftentimes are cheerful, optimistic people who are set apart from the crowd. So too is this month, offering us great joy and a uniqueness compared to all the other months in the calendar year.         

If we look at Martin Luther King Jr, who was an Aquarius on the Hebrew calendar, we see the embodiment of this month. But Dr. King was not the only one who had a dream. We all have a dream, and this is the time to make it a reality. This is the month of great vision. Whereas the previous month we connected to the side of Saturn that faces the dark space, this month we connect to the side of Saturn that faces the Sun. With it, comes all the hopes, endless ideas, and opportunities possible. This is the month where we actually begin to see the possibility of a world where sadness and pain is no more.   

Many of us have heard we are in the Age of Aquarius. What this means is that we are living in a time where the dreams of humanity are coming true. We are seeing science promising life to 120. We see marvelous medical advancements and wondrous technologies only thought of in futuristic movies. But most importantly, the Age of Aquarius brings us the promise of a world and life without any pain, sorrow, or tears. Can we even dream a world like this? A world where there is no more suffering of any kind? This type of world, a dream so outlandish to so many of us, coasts into our minds this month. We begin to envision this possibility for our lives, and we receive the energy to pursue it. 

How do we access the possibilities and promises of this month for ourselves and ultimately for the world? In Hebrew, Aquarius means bucket, or pitcher. The sign of Aquarius is represented by a water bearer pouring out water. The age of Aquarius and month of Aquarius is a time we can be a channel for giving the world and others abundance and mercy without price or accounting. Everything is poured out and shared. If we can begin to act in this way, we can connect to all the good this month offers and activate this energy into our own lives. What is your great dream? What is the impossible for you? What do you think is beyond imagining?  

Aquarius is known as the Month of Redemption. It is a time of both individual and global redemption. We can be redeemed this month of negative thoughts that have held us back, relationships that have kept us from growing, and fears that have kept us from loving one another. We can connect to the redemption of pain, suffering, tears, and even death itself. We can be redeemed of everything and live the promise of the Creator of a good world with no chaos.

If we can try this month to give mercy without reason, love without question, and have no limits to our capabilities, we can not only dream our greatest dream, but also make it a reality. All we have to do is believe in ourselves and know that with the help of the Creator anything and all things are possible. We can wake to find that our greatest dream has become our greatest reality.  

Wishing you a good month and sending all my love,



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