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Measuring our Joy

This month, we are entering the zone of fiery Leo and are about to discover nothing is small about that sign! Everything connected to Leo is big! Let’s find out about the features for the New Moon, so we are better prepared.

It appears we need to call the fire brigade ASAP. The cosmos is hot with no less than nine celestial bodies in fire—that’s five celestial bodies in Leo (the sun, Mars, the moon, Mercury and North Node), the chart’s rising is in Aries, as well as Uranus and the “wheel of fortune.”

What happens when we enter a furnace? Well, we try our hardest to get out of it! The cosmos runs on high voltage at the moment, and we should absolutely avoid all conflicts, as we are bathing in a very electric zone. Impulsive decisions, competitive behavior, and the desire to drop everything right now should be avoided at all costs. The cosmos seems to be losing patience and so are we.

Our saving grace this month is friendship. Jupiter in Libra is beautifully placed in the seventh house, which is extremely favorable to new partnerships and relationships. The fifth astrological house of love, affairs, and creativity is also packed with Leo planets. Just be sure not to elope this month, simply because you found love at first sight with a stranger! Fire is not always very reasonable. Also, pay close attention to pride; notice the times when listening to another’s advice is a no-go since you “already know” everything!

Career-wise, we may encounter delays, or things might come to a halt. Have patience! Heavy Pluto is in the tenth house, making us sweat in order to reach our goals. Beware of opportunities that look golden and seem to be lucrative; they may backfire. All that glitters is not gold! Financially, apply caution, as we are all feeling like Leos this month and they tend to live way beyond their means. But of course, Leos are ruled by the sun, its majesty itself! Much like their ruler, they feel the world (and even the planets) must revolve around them.

The beautiful side of this lunar month is that passions are renewed; our desire for life, love, success, and new friends is growing. We are taken by cosmic enthusiasm. Of course, the best side of Leo will show itself past the tenth day of the lunar calendar. Until then, a big caution sign is planted on our road. As the sages taught in reference to the first part of this month, when Leo enters, we should measure our joy.

Great opportunities lie just ahead—developing new leadership skills, forgetting our fears and lacks, going back to study, and enthusiastically moving forward on our journey.

Leo is here: Rise and shine! Chodesh tov!


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