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Meditate, Forgive, and Connect

Before the big bang, everything was united. At the end of days everything will be united once again. Although, as long as we are living in the limitations of our bodies, we can’t fully feel this connection, but we can get a taste of this sensation in the month of Pisces.

Those born under the sign of Pisces have a deep capacity for compassion, sharing, surrender, forgiveness, and oneness. The biggest gift a person can have is the ability to share. When we receive, we are happy. But when we share, knowing we’ve done something good can make our hearts burst with joy. Sharing gives us a direct affinity with the Creator. The purpose of the Light is to share, and Pisceans are most concerned about what they can do for others.

It is hard for us, as human beings, to surrender. We always want to be in control and the more we desire control, the more quickly we lose it. The energy of this month has the ability to help us surrender – to trust there is a bigger picture out there and everything that happens is for a reason.

The month of Pisces is the month of happiness. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, success, and miracles. Kabbalists teach that miracles are beyond our nature. Our natural instinct is to receive, and to worry when we experience lack. So, when we go against our nature and give, we can connect to the greatest miracles and an abundance of happiness.

During the New Moon there is a solar eclipse. The moon will come in between the sun and the earth, and as a result, the moon will cover the sun. According to Kabbalah, the sun represents sharing (Zeir Anpin) and the moon represents receiving (Malchut). Take care not to be so consumed with lack and what we don’t have.

For example, if I feel I need nurturing from the people in my life, I’ll go and nurture others. Instead of shutting down and saying to myself, “No one cares about me, so I don’t care about anyone,” I can be proactive and bring more Light into the world. We can overcome any challenge by committing an act of sharing.

The planet Mercury and the south node is in Aquarius, which represents a higher level of consciousness. Practice mind over matter. During this New Moon we can elevate and transform our thinking. Mercury sextiles Uranus. Both planets are connected to the energy of the mind. When we practice positive thinking, anything is possible. Positive thinking doesn’t mean that we can get what we want simply by meditating on something specific.

For example, if I want a soulmate, positive thinking can bring my soulmate to me. However, I can’t meditate on a specific person, because in the bigger picture maybe he/she is not mine to have. The power of positive thinking, while surrendering to the bigger picture can bring us much closer to the place we want to be in life.

This month, let’s make a divine effort to transform our thinking, and practice “mind over matter.”

Meditate, forgive, connect to the bigger picture, and be happy, no matter what. Take charge for everything that happens in our lives. Use music to elevate your soul. Communicate your ideas and your thoughts. Get out of your own way. Share and create affinity with the Light. With Pisces as the last sign of the Zodiac, we can heal and become stronger as we close one cycle and open a new cycle – the new zodiac year beginning with Aries. 


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