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New Moon of Aquarius 2017

Aquarius is a breath of fresh air after staid and stuffy Capricorn! In order for us to have a new start, it’s first necessary to understand the energy of Aquarius. It’s an air sign, but the inner energy of Aquarius is fire. Thus, it is the most stubborn of all signs! At this New Moon, there’s a drive towards closing doors from the past and planting seeds for the future. It behooves us to not only focus on new things we want to get started this month, but also on the stuff to let go. However, we must first look deep within to fully grasp those core values that will allow for the new intentions to manifest, to redefine borders, and re-evaluate where we are. This energy will help us to break free and have the choice of “real freedom”. The New Moon of Aquarius is an opportunity to look at the world from a wider perspective and be more objective.

It’s eclipse time this month!

A lunar eclipse will occur around February 11th and will be in the sign of Leo. When eclipses occur, things are accelerated. This eclipse will particularly influence Austria, Germany, Belgium, England, Turkey, and Syria. The eclipse signifies the change in the world’s power structure, and can accelerate financial debts and corruption, and reveal political scandals.

The planet Venus will square Saturn on the 27th of January, the day of the New Moon! It will impact relationship and finances.

Mars will be in Aries on the New Moon. It will fast-track areas like money, business, and careers. Feel inspired and motivated, as it’s an injection of Light from the cosmos! It’s very good for business but be aware of the downfall of anger and extremism that come along with this energy.

Exercise for this month:

Aquarius has “antennas” to the universe; connect to them this month and listen to the spiritual message that the universe wants to tell you.

Chodesh tov!


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