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Drawing Joy

The kabbalists teach that the gates of happiness open when Pisces begins. Therefore, as we enter into the second month of Pisces, or Adar II, we have the opportunity to draw more joy, happiness, and Light into our lives. 

Being joyful is actually a choice we make, a shift in our consciousness. We don’t wait for something external to happen to become joyful; we just choose to be joyful. And there is no other month than that of of Adar in which to tap into that joy. One way to do so is through gratitude. By starting each day choosing to focus on one aspect of our life we are grateful for, we will connect to - and feel – the joy that the lasting gifts of the Light give us.  

We need to remember, however, that the Negative Side will do everything possible to keep us in a reactive state, opposing joy. The month of Pisces, therefore, teaches us not to become discouraged by this darkness, because we are not either Light or darkness; every single one of us always has both aspects. 

There is a story about Rav Chaim Vital and his teacher, the Ari. During the years they spent together, Rav Vital had a tremendous problem controlling his anger. The Ari told him, “The more you grow and the more connected you become to the Light of the Creator, the more difficult the darkness will become, and the more strongly you will have to fight your anger.” This is a good thing to remember as we begin to feel the joy available this month; the more joy, the stronger the Negative Side will be trying to dissuade us from it.

Through the power available in Adar II, we can push our darkness away and reveal tremendous amounts of Light. The more we do this, the more of this month’s gift of joy we can begin to draw into our lives.  


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