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Surrender to New Beginnings

We’re in the midst of a very exciting cosmic shift with the many planetary retrogrades happening throughout 2019. There are quite a few notable energies in the cosmos that can help you prepare for the next phase of this shift. Even with all the chaos we're seeing in the world, there are still plenty of wonderful opportunities to be had. In fact, this chaos is actually necessary. Without it, we wouldn’t have a full understanding of our deeper purpose and spiritual awakening. That may be hard to believe; it may feel like the whole world has gone a little crazy, but there’s more to it than meets the eye.

As we enter this month known as Adar II (the second month of Pisces), one of the greatest gifts of this month is happiness – to transform darkness into Light. But we must make that choice. Astrologically speaking, this month offers us a myriad of opportunities to choose happiness. There are a few planetary combinations that will help us take leadership in our lives and make those needed changes.

One of them is Chiron re-entering Aries. The last time this happened (prior to a short time last April) was over 50 years ago, in 1968. The U.S. and the world were in turmoil. Chiron’s entry into Aries once again finds our world in chaos. Chiron’s fundamental energy is the “wounded healer.” We are careful not to make the same mistakes that wounded us in the past. Chiron in Aries enables deep healing, and spiritual, mental, and emotional awareness. Aries’ more challenging manifestations are war and violence. In addition, Aries enables leadership and entrepreneurship. Chiron will remain in Aries throughout 2026/2027. During this time, we will see changes in medicine and technology. 

The first Mercury retrograde of 2019 occurs on March 5th in the watery sign of Pisces, and will last until March 28th. This is a time when communications go haywire. Be aware of extreme emotions during this period. We can regret thoughtless words said. All three Mercury retrogrades of this year occur in water signs: in Pisces during March, in Cancer during July, and in Scorpio during November. It’s a big year for water signs!

Another powerful combination this month is Saturn sextile Neptune. Saturn is kind of running the show this year. The planet gives us the ability to go after our goals and dreams, to do our best, and turn our vision (Neptune) into reality.

The mantra of this month and year is, “Surrender, release, and allow new beginnings.” 


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