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Revealing Our Sixth Sense

This year we have two months of Pisces, or in Hebrew: Adar. Why? Because seven times in a 19-year cycle, there is a leap year, and instead of adding one day as is done in the Gregorian calendar, the kabbalistic calendar adds a whole month.  We are currently entering into the first month of Adar, or what we refer to as Adar I.  The kabbalists teach that Adar is connected to revealing our spiritual sense, or what is often referred to today as a sixth sense. 

Most of us live our lives affected by what is most obvious, whereas a truly elevated person can receive and perceive what is almost nonexistent. For example, if we signed a great business deal, we are filled with happiness, because we were affected by it happening. But if, let’s say, there is a glass of water next to us, we are not aware that the same Light we experienced when we signed that deal also exists in the sip of water we are about to take.  Why? Because while the essence of Light and energy within the sip of water and the business deal are not any different, we are only able to receive and perceive the obvious.

The month of Pisces, the Ari tells us, is about this sense we all need to develop, as it is not natural to most of us. In a simple way, what makes a person more spiritual than others is the fact that he or she needs less physical occurrences to make him or herself happy and content.

In truth, the Light that exists in the things that make us happy is the same Light that exists also in the things that make us much less happy. The kabbalists teach that the Endless Light is in everything. When we are enjoying a steak, for example, whatever joy we extract from it is the same joy we can experience from looking at a chair, or a table, because the Endless Light is in those things as much as it is in the steak. But perceiving it has to do with our spiritual sense, as the Ari calls it. Every time we act in the way of Desire to Receive for the Self Alone, we corrupt our senses even more, and need more of the external things to excite us and make us happy. But in this month, we are given the gift of beginning to shift that. 

As we enter into the first month of Adar, therefore, what we want to ask for is the ability to perceive of, and receive from, the true essence of things. The kabbalists teach that the Gemar HaTikun, the End of the Correction, can only be experienced by an individual who has developed this sense. As my father, Rav Berg, tells us, the Light of the End of Correction is here already; we just can’t see it, because with every action, thought, or word of Desire to Receive for the Self Alone, we cover up that sense. The reason, therefore, that there are those who have what is called the sixth sense and are able to sense what others do not, is because their spiritual sense is not covered. And in this month, we have the opportunity to ask for, and receive, that which is unseen, unfelt, and unknown by most. If we have both this desire and consciousness, and push to uncover this spiritual sense, we can begin to extract joy from, and understand, things we previously could not.


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