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Rise Up

As we welcome the new moon, the spotlight is on Leo. And it's perfect, since that is just where they like to be.

This month is ruled by the sun, which sustains all lifeforms. With this celestial power backing them up, Leos naturally have grand presence. The personality of the Leo is magnanimous, colorful, confident, and domineering. Even if they are one of the more reserved lions or lionesses on this planet, they may still find themselves in positions of leadership, because people feel their energy. Famous Leos include Barack Obama, Amelia Earhart, and Coco Chanel -- game changers, indeed. My late husband Rav Berg was also born in this month.

As many of you know, Leo falls during a period of time called the Ben HaMetzarim. It is a time when the spiritual ozone layer is gone and intense energy is present, so it behooves us to be balanced in what we say and do. It also behooves us to use this energy to generate as much goodness as we can. In Kabbalah, we understand that the universe works in polarity. There is no such thing as negative without a corresponding positive. While the energy in the cosmos at the moment may be difficult, it provides just as much Light. The "transformer" is our consciousness.

What I mean by "transformer" is we are the ones who have the power to decide through certainty that whatever is happening at this moment is for our ultimate benefit, even if it looks otherwise. If one were to catch a cold, for example, certainty would be to say, "Okay, maybe I needed a few days off because I have been working so hard and need some rest." If one loses a contract, they might say, "You know what? Maybe that would have cost me a headache that I really do not need right now." And to be clear, it's not about saying everything is okay when it's not. It's about opening our consciousness for transformation and acknowledging a Greater Presence at work in our lives.

If there was smooth sailing all the time, complete satiation in every moment, we wouldn't have a space to become more than we are. Through the various pitfalls and seeming "mistakes" that happen throughout a day, week, or lifetime, a soul is granted the opportunity to shine brighter in this world.

Things happen. The question is: Do we become a better person through it? Or do we fall into a "poor me" consciousness? And even when we do fall, can we get back up? Leonard Cohen said, "There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in." Same goes for us in our process of life. When there is a crack, it is an opportunity for us to strengthen our certainty.

The Rav would always say that one of the best ways to grow and maintain our certainty is to emulate the Creator in thought, word, and deed – to "become like God." I think if we can all do a bit more of that this month – opening our heart when it is difficult, treating each other with human dignity and kindness, choosing love over fear – then we can all become strong of heart and consciousness, just like the lion, king of the jungle.

Where there is chaos, there is also the potential for humanity to rise up and illuminate the world with its power. And we all know that's what is needed right now.

Have a great month!


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