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Rosh Hashanah 2019 Study Guide Week 1

Rosh Hashanah is one of the most powerful events of the kabbalistic calendar. Each year, people from all over the world come together at The Kabbalah Centre to connect with this tremendous energy, thereby creating a monumental shift both individually and globally. 

Rosh Hashanah is traditionally known as Yom HaDin, the Day of Judgment; A time when the heavenly court presides over our destiny for the coming year - based on our deeds from the year past. However, the kabbalists have taught us that in the 48 hours that make up this holiday, we can rewrite our own personal story and the history of all humanity. Utilizing the energetic power that is in the cosmos, the tool of the Shofar and our collective consciousness we can transform judgment to love and blessings.

We are 4 weeks away! For this week, we have selected special articles and classes for you to prepare. 

  1. Change The World by Michael Berg
  2. Rosh Hashanah: The Gift of Life by Karen Berg 
  1. Everybody's Birthday with Karen Berg
  2. True Desire to Transform with Eitan Yardeni
  3. Asking for Everything with Michael Berg
  1. Days of Power Part 1, pgs. 25 – 35, “What Is Rosh Hashanah?" by Rav Berg
  2. Days of Connections – pgs. 77 - 95 by Michael Berg


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