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Rosh Hashanah Study Guide Week 4

It's no coincidence that the month of Virgo precedes Rosh Hashanah – the energy behind the constellation of Virgo and the planet Mercury basically forces us to look inward with a critical eye at the blockages that impede our spiritual growth. But it's also characteristic of Virgos to beat themselves up for their imperfections; another trait that we all "borrow" during this month. This is one of the traps of the Opponent to keep us from doing the real work before Rosh Hashanah.

But if we truly desire success this month, as well as success at Rosh Hashanah, we cannot dwell on the darkness. We must focus on the Light.

The fact is, as long as we are pushing out more positivity than we are letting darkness in, we're leaps and bounds ahead of the game. And that's what we'd like you to focus on this week.

Rather than nitpicking in the spirit of Virgo, each day, weigh your actions and words on the Libran scale, and make sure your positive actions and words outweigh your negative ones. Do not berate yourself for missed opportunities or reactive behaviors. Just pick yourself up and keep on moving forward.

Here are some more useful readings and videos to support your efforts.

  • Read the second half of “Technology” in Days of Power Volume 1 by Rav Berg (pages 60-79)
  • View Lesson #4 in the Rosh Hashanah Preparation course on Kabbalah University
  • Read/scan Zohar Tetzaveh, verses 88-95

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