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Strengthening Foundations

Before I attempt to unravel the energies of this month, I would like to wish everyone a happy astrological New Year!

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the first month of a new solar cycle. It is a fire sign, but the inner energy of Aries is water, hence their sensitivity. Under the influence of planet Mars (ruler of Aries), those born under Aries are courageous and daring, unafraid of confrontation. They have a need to break down all barriers that stand in their way. 

With that said, one of the highlights of this month is when planet Mars moves into the sign of Capricorn (from March 17th). The fact that Capricorn is already “supercharged” by planets Pluto and Saturn really puts this upcoming Mars in Capricorn event in the spotlight. For about three weeks the already stressful Saturn-and-Pluto-in-Capricorn combo will be triggered by the “heat” of Mars.

Mars represents self-expression, independence, and your core values, to which you must be true. This extra edgy Mars will definitely trigger a fierce, and perhaps highly revolutionary, energy. To surf the wave of this Mars-on-Fire period of time, avoid being influenced by passion and anger (both extremes).

Conjunct with Mars in Capricorn is Pluto and Saturn. Pluto brings shadows to light. Secrets are revealed, truths surface. Meanwhile, Saturn deals with justice – the universal law that all actions have consequences. Capricorn, among other things, represents the manifestation of things. With Pluto in Capricorn (2008 – 2023), one pattern we see revealed is the return of authenticity in every level of our lives. 

Saturn in Capricorn (now through 2020) is another big deal. Justice and integrity is the definition of Saturn in Capricorn. All systems in life will go through the “test” of integrity. One lesson for those born under Aries is to show a pure part of ourselves. Let’s connect to the extraordinary gift that the universe gave us this month. As we know, the first 12 days of this month represent each of the 12 signs of the zodiac, which relates to the whole energy for the year to come. In addition, astrologically speaking, each sign represents a country. Each day, through the power of unity we can meditate on the country that needs the most support this month, sending it energy of healing and peace. 

Day 1—Aries: Syria, South Africa, Iran
Day 2—Taurus: Israel, Portugal
Day 3—Gemini: Italy, Germany, Philippines
Day 4—Cancer: USA, France
Day 5—Leo: The Netherlands, South Korea
Day 6—Virgo: Mexico, North Korea
Day 7—Libra: France (again)
Day 8—Scorpio: Russia, Poland, Spain, Turkey
Day 9—Sagittarius: Ireland
Day 10—Capricorn: United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia
Day 11—Aquarius: Australia
Day 12—Pisces: Ghana 

With the power of unity we can inject some positive energy into those countries. 

To close, Mercury and Venus entered the fiery sign of Aries, so your mental powers can enjoy a boost! This supports appropriate assertiveness in your communication. It’s time to say what you think!

The end of March will finish with a second full moon (yes, two full moons this month!) It’s time to be more nurturing, supportive, giving, and strengthen foundations, so we can come together as one. 


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