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The Gift of Purifying Waters

There is a beautiful section from the Midrash, from the ancient kabbalists of thousands of years ago, where they speak about a conversation that went on at the time of the creation of the month of Aquarius, or Shevat. Therefore, every New Moon of Aquarius, the energy and Light of this conversation is awakened again.

It says that the angel who is in charge of the energy that is going to shower down every month turns to the Creator, as the Creator is getting ready to prepare the wellspring of Light and blessings for the month of Aquarius, and asks, “What special Light and gift are you creating for the world in this month?” The Creator answers, “I am preparing a bucket.” This bucket represents the energy of the month of Aquarius. And the secret of that bucket of water is the verse, “I will pour upon you pure waters.”

Most of us know that when we come into this world, there's a great store of potential Light, blessings, consciousness, awareness, and knowledge that comes with us. But through actions of selfishness and Desire to Receive for the Self Alone, we muddy the waters. We cause our consciousness and connection to the pure life to become muddy, and therefore, unclear. Why is it that so often in life we are trying to make a decision, we're trying to understand which direction to take, and we're not clear? Where does the lack of clarity come from? The answer is very simple.

Yes, potentially, we have a direct connection with our consciousness to the Light of the Creator, which makes all things clear and removes all doubt and confusion. But through a collection of actions of Desire to Receive for the Self Alone, we make the water muddy. We make our consciousness muddy, and that is the source of all the confusion that exists in our lives. That is the source of all the doubts and the lack of clarity that we have in our lives.

We know that there are times of work and there are times of gifts, and although every month we need to work for this gift, we are given a gift in this month of Aquarius; as the Creator tells the angel, it is the gift of the showering down of the Light of purification, purifying consciousness and connection. Therefore, as we make the connection to this month, we want to have a clearer consciousness. And we know that because of the actions of selfishness and Desire to Receive for the Self Alone that we have done, we've muddied those waters. For that purpose, we've come to this month, to the bucket that the Creator is literally showering down upon us from, and is being created for, every single one of us individually.

The Creator pours water down upon us, to the areas where there is lack of clarity and muddied waters. The Creator will pour purifying waters down upon each individual who awakens their desire and consciousness throughout this month; not physical waters, but spiritual waters, spiritual Light, purification.

At the beginning of the month of Aquarius, this new Light is being created, and it's individual, which means that each of us has a certain level of confusion and lack of clarity, and the removal of all the mud that causes that doubt, lack of clarity, and confusion, can be changed by the overwhelming flood of Light that is poured down on each one of us individually - and the world collectively - at the beginning of the month of Aquarius, and throughout it.

Therefore, the consciousness that we want to make sure we awaken at the beginning of Aquarius, and keep for the whole month, is of the great gift of the Light of purifying waters from the Creator. We need to meditate on, and envision, these waters that purify our consciousness and connection, pouring down upon us in this month of Shevat.


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