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The Power to Change

The potential of a Virgo is to be complete, whole. Virgos are known as the most critical sign of the zodiac, however, most of that criticism is aimed at themselves. In Kabbalah we learn that when a person knows how to recognize the negativity within, he or she can then transform into someone better. For this reason, we have an opportunity in the month of Virgo to repent, to see everything we do wrong in order to create change within ourselves.

A problem arises when we see our dark side and think that it defines us, that we are not good. The ability to see the details about what we need to change has only one purpose: to help us change. The point is not to feel bad, to judge ourselves, to think we are not good, or to hate ourselves for being imperfect, only to get better.

Kabbalistically, the month of Virgo is the month when we can see all our negative behavior, and begin to accept and love ourselves so we can change. Self-loathing not only prevents transformation, it perpetuates the negativity.

Virgos have many gifts, and we can all connect with that energy this month, for example, the gift of the divine, the gift of daily life, and the gift of healing and service to society. This month offers a special opportunity to reveal the spiritual essence that is hidden in each and every one of us, and bring it to life. We can also connect to decision making, the ability to manifest, and the ability to turn drama into simple common sense.

The New Moon of Virgo will be a total solar eclipse visible throughout the United States. Some states will see the complete solar eclipse and some states only partially. The eclipse in Leo will give all of us the opportunity to take leadership roles in our lives with courage, love, and strength. It will infuse us with the courage to change what needs to be changed without fear, so we can take steps toward a better future.

Mars in Leo is having a difficult relationship with Neptune, which can influence us to feel sorry for ourselves simply because we don’t get what we think we deserve. But, if we can change our way of thinking, we can believe we have the courage to achieve it all (as long as we do it with strength, passion, and humility.) One of the most beautiful attributes of Virgo is humility. The sun is also having a difficult relationship with Pluto, which will urge us to fight for power. We can have power, but there’s no need to fight. With charisma and by sharing with others, we will have all the power we need.

This month, if we can clearly see what we need to change, with mercy, humility, sharing with others, and being in service to others, we can find a lot of healing and strength – our true power – and move on to our next level.


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