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The Supernal Worlds Are Emptied of All Righteous Souls

The Zohar says there are specific times throughout the year when all the souls of the righteous, all the souls that have achieved their correction, leave the supernal worlds and come down to this one to give us assistance to receive the Light and blessings that we need. And it is during the days of this month, Nissan, or Aries, and the days of the month of Tishrei, or Libra, in which Rosh Hashanah occurs, when that happens.

On these specific days, the souls of the righteous come down and give every one of us the support, Light, and assistance that we need. And the Light that they awaken through their prayers comes down into our world to give us support. They pray for us, they give us assistance, and they send down prayers, Light, and assistance to the souls of people who still reside in this world. Therefore, through the spiritual work that we do in this month, we draw the assistance from these supernal souls to give us Light, blessings, and abundance.

And so, the Zohar reveals to us that one of the unique gifts of Nissan is that in the other months throughout the year, excluding the month of Tishrei, whatever spiritual work and connections we do are basically up to us. But during this month of Nissan, we are given support like in no other time of the year. And it could be from relatives who have corrected their souls and are in the supernal worlds, or it could be from righteous souls who were here thousands of years ago.

There is no other time of the year when all those souls gather and come down into this world to those of us who are aware of this gift and awakened to make a connection to these souls. There is no other month of the year when we receive assistance from the supernal souls that come down to our world to send us prayers, Light, and blessings.

But we have to be aware of it in order to receive it. We have to be aware of the fact that these souls are coming to us, beginning on the first night of the month of Aries, and over the next four weeks, to give us assistance. The more we are aware of it, the more we make connections. That is why the kabbalists teach that those of us who have relatives who have passed away, and certainly those we believe to have achieved their correction, should go to their grave during this month, because they are closer to us in this month than any other time of the year. And certainly if we have the merit of going to the grave of a righteous person during this month, we receive assistance and connection like in no other time of the year.

During every other month of the year, it is our work, and we have to do it alone, to some degree or another. But during this month of Aries, the supernal worlds are emptied of all the righteous souls, and they come down to this world, to those of us who are aware of this secret and who ask for this revelation and assistance. And they come and give us that assistance, like in no other time of the year.


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