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Time to Move Forward

Cancer is the most water of the water signs; people born under its influence are naturally very in tune with their emotional nature. If you have ever been loved by a Cancer – friend, spouse, family member – you can probably attest. When they really commit themselves to care, boy do they go all the way! I would even go so far as to say that the people born under this sign can be the most nurturing of the Zodiac. The only catch is that they tend to direct their nurturing power towards their "own" (loved ones/close friends). While this is only natural, the idea for all of us at this time is to strive to be conscious to open our hearts to humanity as a whole: To feel the energy of the Divine within us and to expand our capacity to love, care (especially when it is difficult), share, and ripple positivity outwards. We all matter, and even though we cannot always see it, everything we do has a definite effect on the whole.

The Kabbalists teach that there are three months of the year that are considered "negative" and Cancer is one of them. But when they say "negative," they don't mean it as in "bad" versus "good." Rather, think of a lightbulb. There is the negative pole and the positive pole. One is not better than the other. In fact, it is together that they allow the bulb to shine. In the same way, when we have a period of time that we consider difficult, it means that there is certain energy we can harness to bring forth our evolution. Our universe exists in polarity. When we are faced with obstacles (and we all are), it is so that we can bring ourselves to a higher consciousness, a different way of being in our lives. The darkest nights are followed by the brightest dawns. Indeed, everything we experience is meant to assist and accelerate our soul's process of growth.

In this month we will find ourselves moving forward into more of who we are meant to become, which will unfold as we have certainty and trust in the Divine Energy that is within and all around us. And yet, sometimes when we have been studying Kabbalah or any kind of spiritual path for a while, and we take classes, make connections, and do what we are "supposed" to do, we can find ourselves thinking, "What am I really doing this for? Is anything really happening?" The fact that we are even asking that question means we need to shift our consciousness to realign with our power. Growth and movement come from proactive consciousness. Instead of "what's in it for me?" let's try to see how we can use all the wisdom and tools we have been given to bring ourselves closer to our spiritual nature, creating fulfillment and joy for ourselves and everyone around us, here and now.

One of the things I always like to say is that when it comes to spirituality and the evolution of the soul, there are no victims, only volunteers. We choose to do this work, so let's use the loving dedication of this month’s Cancerian energy to do what we came here to do, never forgetting that the way we will change the world is by changing ourselves.

Wishing you all a month full of love, transformation, light and growth



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