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Weekly Astrology Forecast for February 3-9, 2019

We are about to enter a new time zone: the first month of lunar Pisces. As it happens, this year we are blessed with two months of Pisces. Kabbalistically, this year is called mehuberet, which literally means pregnant! Since the lunar months are shorter than the Gregorian ones, an additional month is added (7 times in 19 years). That’s a great source of excitement! It is said that when the month of Adar (Pisces) enters, it’s a time of joy. This new month is then the first of the joyful pair.

Let’s closely examine this week’s chart…

First of all, with a record of seven planets and aspects, the cosmos is packed with fire. The chart’s rising is in proud Leo, Jupiter is in close conjunction with Venus in Sagittarius, and with Uranus back in pioneer Aries, we should get ready for small cosmic surprises pushing us out of our boxes. This week’s chart is indeed very Uranian, with the sun and Mercury still in Aquarius.

Our first mission: networking!

Open up to new horizons and new people. Think of pioneering and harnessing new ideas and concepts. Perhaps science will come up with new discoveries and pearls of wisdom this week. Actually, with the moon in Libra, another feature is encouraged this week – partnerships at work, gathering friends for a new endeavor, and getting closer through service to others. The sixth house is key this week, since it contains 70 percent of the planetary influences. Additionally, the positioning of Mars, the zodiac warrior and energy center, in Aries is powerful and significant in the ninth along with Uranus. This time around, transformation will happen through learning, partnerships, and innovative ideas.

Phew! That sounds like an amazing plan!

Allowing our imaginations to prevail will help us view every domain of life with a brand new attitude. Friends and partners will also help us shed new light on our lives. This isn’t the time for fears or hesitations; this is the time to just go do it. For those of us who have been working really hard in the past few months to get a project off the ground, your hard work will finally pay off!

We can’t miss the opportunity to say a few words about Pisces energy, the atmosphere and color of this upcoming month. In this month’s chart, Pisces is located in the eighth astrological house – the domain of rebirth and transformation. This positioning is extremely powerful, giving each of us an unbelievable intuition and drive to do what needs to be done. Moreover, since Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, kabbalists consider it the “spine” of the zodiac. In Aramaic, the month is called Adar, from the word idra, meaning spine.

Pisceans know that ego and selfishness will get us nowhere, and all of us hold the understanding that partnerships and unity will conquer everything. All fears will vanish when unity is consolidated.

This week, let’s meditate on the 72 Name: Aleph Vav Mem, Building Bridges between people, so all humanity can internalize the famous “butterfly effect” that science speaks about. We are all interconnected!

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