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Weekly Astrology Forecast for April 21-27, 2019

A brand new cosmic zone starts! Let’s get ready, because many events occur this week!

First, Jupiter, our miracle maker, has now gone into retrograde motion until August 11th! Jupiter retrograde occurs every 13 months and lasts for about four months. It’s a time of philosophical and spiritual introspection, with many questions asked about our growth, happiness, and success.

Difficult and destructive behaviors, like addiction or over-indulgence will be highlighted during this period. Sometimes, when things are really out of control in our lives, it’s time for an intervention. Occasionally, some drastic event must happen in order to shake our consciousness. Once Jupiter is direct, we will feel emotionally lighter and very ready for our next level.

Second, this week’s chart has no air at all! It will seem like we are unable to express ourselves as flawlessly as we’d like. Conversations may feel awkward due to the quincunx between Mercury and Uranus. In addition, the sun is conjunct with Uranus in Taurus, the moon is in intense Scorpio, and three planets are already in Aries. In short, martial law has been cosmically declared!

We will need to also observe a spiritual curfew. Better to avoid conflicts, walk away from deep and intense conversations, and do our best not to confront anyone. The cosmos feels electrified, and not observing complete restriction in our speech will draw major consequences later.

Third, since the full moon of Pesacha new cosmic portal has opened, called the Counting of the Omer. Traditionally, this time zone is considered astrologically complex — a time in which difficult events have occurred historically. Kabbalists teach that the Light is actually hiding from us in order for us to reveal it. In a way, the Light of positivity and blessings is eclipsed and playing hide-and-seek with us. As long as we actually look for it, this can be a time of great understanding and achievement. 

It’s customary in kabbalistic tradition to avoid starting anything new this month until the 18th day of lunar Taurus, which is the highlight of the month, called Lag B’Omer — May 22nd and 23rd. Family conflicts and confrontations should be put aside until the end of the Omer. In addition, kabbalists recommend we create many positive actions— however small — so we can reconnect ourselves to the hidden Light.

Next week, we will enter lunar Taurus. Get ready for new adventures! Have a wonderful week of great restriction! 


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